October 9, 2007: Jenn Finally Comes to Newark

This morning was kind of busy for me. I did get to sleep in until Min left for work and then I got up and worked from home for the first bit of the morning. Today my office is supposed to be ready for me in Manhattan but I can’t go in until there is someone there to meet me and let me in and then I have to deal with getting my PC set up (assuming that it works correctly) and then I have to get my security badge sorted out. So once I get into the office the day is mostly a waste so I wanted to be sure that everything that needed to be completed was done so from home before I hiked into the city for the afternoon.

I actually had a very productive morning. I am working on my “new” OpenSuse 10.3 machine and so far I am very impressed with 10.3. I can’t wait to start rolling this out to Castile Christian Academy. OpenSuse 10.3 is fast and solid and very attractive. I have only been using it a few days but already I can tell that it is much better than its predecessors. I use only KDE on a regular basis and occasionally play around in XFCE. KDE has really come a long way at this point but is still in the KDE 3.x family. I am really looking forward to the KDE 4 family which, I expect, will take OpenSuse into its 11.x series.

I had a number of issues at work that were spread out and scheduled ahead of time that I knew that I couldn’t make the trip to Manhattan until lunchtime. Since I didn’t have much time I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to run across the street to the week old Airlie Cafe on Commerce here in Newark. I got the mozzarella sandwich that they have which was light but quite tasty. I also got a scrumptious cheese danish. I can tell that I am going to be addicted to those very soon. I also got a coffee to try it out. It is good but not necessarily as good as what we have at home. Dominica and I are pretty serious about our coffee.

As soon as my lunch was finished and I got the “all clear” from the office I headed out to catch the train over to Manhattan. Having done that as much as I have recently it has come to feel like second nature to run into New York City although it must still seem very strange to Dominica and most of my readers. Today is an odd day for me because as of today I am not a visitor nor a temporary employee in the city but, as of today, I am “working in Manhattan” full time. This is my base city now. And not just Manhattan but Wall Street. And not just Wall Street but Wall Street with a view! (Although that is only temporary.)

The weather was perfect today too. Overcast and breezy. Warm but with a certain chill in the breeze. Just the way I like the city. Perfect for a lot of walking which is what I do now everyday. I am really looking forward to the forced exercise that I will be getting. City life seems to be so much more naturally healthy than suburban life.

My main job today was to get situated so that I can actually be productive out of Manhattan. Changing offices always causes a certain amount of “downtime” and this one has been extreme. Luckily I have been able to continue working from home and Warren all this time or else it would have been a real problem. But now that I have my PC sorted out and my security access sorted I am ready to go. Now I can come into the city early in the morning when it isn’t so warm out and when the traffic (human traffic that is) is so much less. The commute will be much more comfortable. I just need to remember to bring a water bottle with me tomorrow or I will be sorry.

Jenn had a conference in Newark today so she is in town and is going to visit with us tonight at least long enough to get dinner. She arrived at the apartment around three thirty this afternoon.

I was hoping to be able to leave work early so that I could get back and entertain Jenn but no such luck.  I actually left the office later than Dominica did so she was home a bit before me.  Jenn didn’t have a lot of time this evening so to speed things up we all just met at Food for Life and ate dinner there.  We haven’t seen Jenn in over a year and this is her very first time visiting us since we moved to New Jersey!  And she only lives ninety minutes away or so in the Philly suburbs.

Light night for us after that.  Early to bed.  A little The Cosby Show.  That’s all.

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