November 15, 2007: The Last Day Before the Trip

Only one more day left until we leave for England. We have been hard at work trying to finalize our plans. We are not going to make any attempt to go to France or to the continent in general but we do believe that we will be managing to see a little bit of England, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland during the trip.

Bye, Bye Birdie

This morning Dominica packed up my little Oreo and shipped him away from me 🙁 I am very sad. I won’t see Oreo for two weeks now almost. After work tonight Dominica will be driving him up to Frankfort. Then she will spend the night there to help keep Oreo relaxed and then she will drive back down to Newark in the morning to get the very last of the packing done so that we can leave. It is amazing how much planning and coordination it takes for a trip like this.

I’m sure that it was a long day for Dominica. She hasn’t had a vacation in a while. Not since her time between jobs during the first half of last year when she came down from from New York to New Jersey.  She must be looking forward to the time off as much as she is to the trip to the UK.  Although, as I mention it I guess that she got to go to the beach this summer in North Carolina.  Actually, she gets lots of vacation time.  It’s me who never gets any.

It was an extremely busy day at the office with most of the day being spent writing reports.  I didn’t manage to even get to lunch until almost three in the afternoon.

I decided that since Dominica and Oreo were gone that there was no reason to head home early or even at the normal time so I stayed at the office in Manhattan until around seven getting extra work done before we leave.

I came home and did some prep work around the apartment.  I did dishes and some cleaning to get things ready.  We can’t leave a mess or it will be a disaster by the time that we get back.  So I cleaned and I ran down some electronic gadgets that we are taking with us so that they can be fully charged before we go.  We are taking both of the small Kodak cameras (Min’s 10MP pink one and my 5MP black one), the Canon camcorder, the two BlackBerries, two iPods, the Creative Zen Vision M, Min’s new laptop and more.  It is a crazy amount of stuff.  We have a 2GB SD card and a 1GB SD card for the cameras so we should be able to shoot quite a lot of pics.  I will post them as quickly as I can.  It will be tough.

I just ate some food that was left in the apartment.  There isn’t much here but what is here is mostly going to go bad by the time that we return in ten days so leaving it here isn’t a good idea.  So I did what I could to clean up.  Yogurt is the biggest problem.  Dominica bought several boxes of yogurt that all expire the day before we return.  I think that she must have forgotten the dates. We then have half a thing of yogurt that expires the day after we return.

I managed to sneak in a quick episode of the SGL Podcast tonight that will be posting tomorrow morning.  Now if we can just do some shows from the UK.

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  1. We have peach and vanilla left. I finished off the last of the cherry this morning. Not too much left at this point, we have both been eating it but you are welcome to what is left. It is all Dannon organic.

  2. Hmmm… we are leaving here at 5:30. Not too many good “leaving yogurt” options that I can think of. We are down to just four servings so it isn’t worth very much effort. But if you think of someplace to drop them, we can drop them as we leave.

    75 minutes to go…

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