December 18, 2007: Diet Fizz

Dominica and I stayed up a little late last night reading. She stayed up until she had finished “Homeland” and I went to bed as soon as she was done. I am almost done with “Sojourn”, though, now after spending the evening reading.

natalie dee

Today a kid who got caught smoking pot lost his copy of Guitar Hero III but his dad made $9,000 when he sold it on eBay. And the post office delivers Christmas card after 93 years. Apparently George W. Bush has been coaching the Japanese government spokespeople on how to appear well informed. A Japanese man attempting to drive to avoid senility fails – both at driving and at avoiding senility but apparently not at avoiding much else. Study from Duke University shows that monkeys can do math as well as college students. However, it can also read: Duke University students only able to do math at the level of monkeys. If I ran Duke I think that I would have kept this out of the news. In Italy it is illegal to give ridiculous or shameful first names to children. I wish that the US would do this. With a significant portion of the population now playing a game of finding the most embarrassing and hurtful names for children to grow up with it is easy to see here why laws like this are an important part of child protection. In Italy where parents probably care more about their children on average the law may seem extreme. But it can go a long way towards protecting children who can’t protect themselves.

Cute giant rat five times the size of city rats has been discovered in Indonesia. This is one cute rate.

Today I discovered Vimeo which is a web video hosting service (a la YouTube or Google Video.) What sets Vimeo apart is that they offer full Vimeo HD. This is full 720P HDTV stuff here. Pretty amazing. I took a look at a few videos and they were pretty impressive.

Today was incredibly slow at the office. Dominica had to go in really early this morning before Doggie Paradise was open so she couldn’t take Oreo to daycare. I would have taken him in later but I do not have a car anymore so that wasn’t a possibility. So I was the dog sitter again today. This worked out well because work was so slow today and Oreo was still exhausted from the weekend and slept almost all day. He isn’t a youthful puppy anymore and he values his sleep. There was a lot of sunlight today so he got to roam around the house looking for the optimal sunning locations. The new chair that sits near my desk gets the early morning exposure, then late morning he moves to the recliner then in the afternoon to the bedroom. He has his day all planned out long before hand.

Dominica got home at a quarter to six. We have a party in our building this evening and we are planning on attending that and getting dinner there. But I got called out from the office at six and had to work for a while before being able to go anywhere. This seems to happen every time that they have an event in the building. The events are so early that I have to work through most or all of them. It is the lot of the system administrator.

I finally got off of the line with the office at seven so that we could run down to what was left of the party. It was one of the “fancy” parties and I think that this is only the second one that we have had so far. It was in the lounge on the second floor and it was catered and had servers and everything. Although it also had a lot of people who didn’t seem to live in the building which makes it a bit awkward.

We hung out with Ryan, Kevin and Pam. There was a lot of food coming around on trays and it took a while to eat but the food was very good. The fried “grilled cheese” sandwiches were amazing and the fried risotto balls were really good too. The seared tuna was tasty and there were a lot of other items. And drinks, of course.

Dominica and I got back around ten thirty. Oreo was fine with us being gone for three and a half hours at the party. He is mellowing a lot as he gets older and gets used to us.

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