December 28, 2007: Last Day in Houston

Between the heat (not the temperature outside which is fine but the temperature in the house with the furnace blasting) and Oreo pushing me off of the bed I didn’t get very much sleep even though I was probably in bed for over ten hours. I am looking forward to getting back to my own bed in Newark.

I got up, showered and headed straight into the office without any breakfast. Not the best decision in hind sight since I hadn’t considered the fact that I have no idea how to find any food around Williams Tower without driving and I am certainly not going to be attempting that. So lunch may prove to be a challenge.

Like the rest of the week, today has been incredibly slow at the office. There is practically nothing going on at all. I don’t anticipate any real work until Wednesday at the earliest and very little likely until the following Monday.

I did the bill paying today. Ouch. Nothing hurts more than paying the Christmas bills. You would think that as a society we would recognize what a problem this is and do something about it but no, that isn’t how people think. But on the upside, I discovered that my scholarship from RIT came through after I had paid my bill last semester and now I have a nice credit on my account. So that is almost $1,000 that we had to spend that we hadn’t been counting on that we now have “back”.

For lunch today I waited until pretty late and then just went down to the ground floor of the building that I am in and went to a little deli there that people recommended here in the office for “easy” food. I just had an assorted cheese sub with lettuce and tomato. But at least they had toasted rolls. It was a fine enough lunch.

I volunteered to do the weekend coverage for the office this weekend. It was perfect timing as I have nothing planned for this weekend and will be home all alone. What better possible time to put in my primary coverage weekend and get a few extra hours of work? Dominica will be very happy about that.

I am going to post early this evening so that I don’t have to post when I return to Newark at one in the morning.  My flight leaves Houston at 7:20pm CST (8:20 EST.)  I will fly to Atlanta, have a layover and then fly to Newark.  It will be about one in the morning when I land.  I will be taking a taxi home from there.

Dominica did all of my packing today so I should be ready to go as soon as I arrive back in League City.  I am not taking any “extra” luggage with me as everything else is going back with Dominica in her parents’ car as they drive back to New York.  They will be taking the new GPS with them to try it out on the long trip.  So today I am just taking the bare necessities with me on the flight.

I am leaving the office at Williams Tower at 4:00 pm (CST) which is 5:00 pm back in New York which is roughly the end of the day and since it is a Friday during the freeze no one should be needing me at all.  I have a lot of traffic to fight through yet and I need to get to the airport.  We know how bad missing a flight can be 🙂

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