December 31, 2007: Fondue Party

2007 is over. It has been a busy but largely uneventful year. This has been a big year for getting caught up in the “machinations of life.” We have set new records for not getting to see people this year. Many of our friends we haven’t been able to see for over a year now! And even our families have barely seen us.  And here is the final posting of 2007.

We both slept in a bit this morning. I slept in until nine and Dominica until between noon and one! I had to get up at four in the morning to walk Oreo though. His long car riding finally caught up with him in the middle of the night and we had to make an emergency walk down to the corner of Mulberry.

I had to work today but with tomorrow being a holiday there was very little going on in the office.

There was a lot of cleaning to be done around the apartment. Lots of stuff to be put away and a lot of new things that need places to be found for them to go. We have the new humidifier that we brought back from dad’s that was our main humidifier at the house in Geneseo. I hooked that up in the entrance hallway and fired it up to compliment the smaller unit that we have running in the kitchen.

We reassembled the lamp / side table and set it up in the living room by the side of the love seat. It works really well with the rest of our furniture. We are glad to have it with us again and we will really appreciate having the extra light in our rather dark living room.

Art and Danielle turned me on to AsoBrain Games which have popular European board games that you can play online. They have their own online version of Settlers of Catan which is much faster than the board game and just about identical. You can play against real people or just against the computer. I like it. I was playing my very first game on the site this afternoon and Art and Danielle managed to find me and to jump into the game that I was trying out.

At more or less the last minute we managed to make New Year’s Eve party plans with Kevin and Pam and we reserved the Eleven80 Lounge area for our own personal party.  How no one else reserved this I have no idea.  So we scheduled to get it at nine thirty and stay more or less until midnight.  Kevin and Pam went out and got snacks, soft drinks and cheese fondue for the party and we are providing the chocolate fondue fountain, a few bottles of wine and 99 Blackberries.  (Remember my one signature mixed cocktail: Mt. Dew and 99 Blackberries = Dewberry Juice.)

I am posting early, before the party, just so everyone knows where we are.  We should be home around midnight.  This won’t be a late party.  We only have the lounge until midnight anyway.  And Oreo is staying home alone which he doesn’t like.

Dominica and I both have tomorrow off from work so we will be home relaxing all day.  We have no plans to go anywhere at all.  So if you need us you know where to find us.

It is funny that we are doing fondue twice in one week.  Normally we goes years between fondue events.

As we wrap up the year here on SGL we can look back at one of the busiest years ever on the site.  We might have made it the entire year without missing a single day of updates.  While many of the dailies this year were not record setting in length we managed to maintain consistent and regular postings and had almost no “sparse” postings just to fill in a day when nothing really happened.  2007 could easily be our busiest year ever even with hardly any podcast or video podcast postings.  And we have several new regular readers as well!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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