November 30, 2007: Addicted to Rice Crackers

This morning began earlier than I had expected. After working until two in the morning yesterday the phone was already ringing before seven this morning about the same issue at the office. Five hours of sleep isn’t bad. Just not as restful as I had hoped.

It is a bright and sunny day today. I can’t be unhappy. The day is just gorgeous. Crisp and clear. Oreo is enjoying his spot in the sun and the house is much cleaner than it has been after I went on a cleaning spree yesterday. There is a lot more to do but I feel much better about the apartment than I did yesterday. It was such a disaster after our trip that it was driving me crazy.

Today was insanely busy. Normally Friday mornings are slow and evenings are busy. But today, because of several disasters piled on top of one another, the morning was even busier than a normal evening so I had time to do nothing at all.

After work (for Dominica, not for me) Dominica went grocery shopping and stocked up the kitchen after we completely depleted it (except for those few yogurts that Kevin never managed to get.)  She picked up Graples which she thought were a hybrid apple grape product.  They are, in fact, apples injected with grape flavouring.  So since that got us thinking about artificial grape flavouring, I looked it up: Artificial Grape.

She also got rice crackers.  I discovered that I loved rice crackers when they were given out as snacks on a flight that I took with Air Canada from Newark to Toronto.  Then Dominica found the exact same rice crackers that they used on the flight in a Zen Trailmix from Target.  So she got addicted to them too.  So now we are looking to figure out where to buy the ultimate rice crackers.

I worked until around eight.  Today was better than yesterday but still incredibly busy.  At least during the day I was able to continue by cleaning spree and the apartment is beginning to look better.  It was a major battle with the dust bunnies but I seem to have the upper hand – for the moment.

Dinner was eggs, beans and toast.  Just like in the UK.  Once my work was done for the evening we watched the final two episodes of Ballykissangel Season Five.  That is the last of that show that we have here.  Dad has the sixth season on order.  We discovered, though, that our favourite character in the show, Brian Quigley, played by Tony Doyle won’t be in the final season because the actor had a heart attack and passed away in 2000 between the two seasons.

After that it was off to bed.  But Oreo decided at one in the morning that he needed to take a walk out in the cold so I had to get out of bed to take him out.  And it took a long time and a lot of walking back and forth before he was done.

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