January 15, 2008: Faux Govjadina po-strogonovski

Up at five this morning. I didn’t feel too bad though. I kind of enjoy getting up early and getting the day started. Oreo doesn’t like it – he prefers when I stay in bed until he leaves for daycare so that he is never without his snuggles.

It was all dark as I headed into the office. I grabbed the remaining cheese sub from dinner last night that I still had in the fridge and ate that while walking to Newark’s Penn Station.

Work wasn’t too bad today. Slower than it has been recently. I actually had the chance to get lunch today away from my desk. A friend from work and I grabbed food from the vegetarian food truck parked out front of the building and ate in the cafeteria.

Being a slow day I managed to escape after a normal length of time and head for home nice and early around four. Four being a full day when I come in so early.

On the way home I stopped in Penn Station in Newark where I pass through as I get off of the PATH. I decided to just grab a quick slice of pizza from Triponi in the train station. Their pizza is awesome as is their cherry lemonade. I hope that we will be getting pizza from there again sometime soon.

Dominica ended up running quite late tonight and didn’t get home until long after six.  She cooked fake beef Stroganoff or Govjadina po-strogonovski for dinner which turned out really well.  Much better than the hamburger helper that I remember.  It is a completely different dish.

Our evening was very short.  I did a little work and then did a bit of homework.  And we called it a night a little early.

I did manage to finish the adventurer’s journal for Dungeons and Dragons sessions that we played over the weekend and I got that sent out to everyone.  That turned into quite the chore to produce but I did discover that it worked out really well for getting everyone onto the same page as far as what happened in the adventure and where everyone was.  I think that recapping it afterwards like that helps to flesh out the adventure as sometimes while playing it can become disjointed and ultimately feel disconnected but the journal kind of ties it all together in a more literary form.

Dominica finished reading the second book of the Icewind Dale Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore tonight and moved onto the third one.  She is a bit ahead of me now and I don’t know the names of the books that she is on at the moment.

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