January 18, 2008: Yay, a long weekend

Today’s Music: Mike and the Mechanics

We went to bed really early last night and yet I still didn’t wake up this morning until after Dominica had gotten up and had taken her shower. Oreo was being super ultra snuggly which didn’t help.

It was good that I overslept though as I really needed the sleep. I would have ended up being pretty useless today had I not gotten the extra sleep.

I checked my BlackBerry and was needed right away in the morning so had to get right to work but at least I got to sleep till the last possible second. The morning ended up being incredibly busy and I was just slammed with work right up until noon.

During my “lunch” I ran to Newark Penn Station and grabbed some pizza from Triponi and rushed into the office. Of course, once I raced to the office the rest of the afternoon proved to be incredibly slow. Even so, the afternoon seemed to pass by pretty quickly.

I continued my project of moving data from my email over to a database server. That is continuing to take a really long time. Have a process doing one month of data at a time running on my desktop at home and it is seeming to take approximately five hours of processing for each month of log data.

I did get a chance to play a little Bard’s Tale in the background while working on other things. That is one of the big upsides of the original Bard’s Tale is how easy it is to play casually while doing other things. You just run it in the background and hunt down the bad guys when you get a chance. Works great. Very relaxing.

Over her lunch break today Dominica ran out and got the oil changed on the Mazda PR5 and got some new windshield wipers installed as the old ones were getting to be a little bit dangerous. She also got a car wash while she was out getting everything else taken care of since it had some salt on it and it has been pretty warm recently so it was time to get that salt off of there before it became a problem.

The current situation with the car is that it is going to be waiting to be sold until March now instead of February which is good for us since we get to drive it through the entire winter and make at least one additional run with it between here and dad’s house sometime during that stretch. The person who is buying it wants to wait until their tax return comes in so that they can use that for a down payment on the car which makes sense for everyone involved. And it means an additional several weeks of not putting miles onto the BMW.

I worked later today than I thought that I was going to not leaving the office until around seven or so. Dominica cooked dinner while I was traveling home – vegetable casserole. My goal for tonight is to relax, play some Bard’s Tale, keep transferring email logs to the database and to do some work on my homework. I have a “take home” test that I need to do this weekend as well. But that shouldn’t be too bad.

Dominica spent the evening reading.  In addition to my other work I also rolled up a new paladin character for Pam to play in tomorrow’s Dungeons and Dragons game.  It is good that she is going to play as the other characters were having a hard enough time with the goblins with the four of them.  Having to drop to only three characters would have made the challenges quite a bit more, um, challenging.

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