January 27, 2008: I declare today to be Pajama Day

There, I said it. It is Pajama Day. You heard me.

I ended up working until almost three last night. What a late night. Oreo decided that he needed a walk close to two in the morning. That was his sixth time out yesterday, I believe. He varies wildly from only going out once a day to six or seven times in a seven or eight hour period. And then he needed a quick walk at three thirty. Crazy.

I did get a lot of work done by staying up so late though and Dominica stayed up with me reading and reading and reading in her R. A. Salvatore novels. I really got her hooked on those. I need to find the Canticle series that I have stored somewhere at dad’s house so that she can read those too. It has been a really long time since I read those. Those were great books and they were responsible for originally getting me hooked on R. A. Salvatore.

I got up this morning pretty late but not late consider when I actually went to bed. I didn’t get eight hours of sleep or anything. Oreo cam out to the living room with me and hung out until afternoon when he went back to bed to snuggle with Dominica.

I had more server builds to do for the office so I got back to work on that. I wanted to get that done on the early side so that I could relax a bit today. It is a short day with dinner at six thirty and us getting up so late.

I discovered today that one of my Solaris 10 servers is crashing during heavy file transfers because it doesn’t have enough memory (only 128MB!) and it is thrashing until it goes offline. not a good situation. So I ordered another 512MB for it. We will see if that helps. It should make a gigantic difference.

Kevin and Pam stopped by around two thirty with Pam’s brother Feder who is a big D&D player. He is going to be running a second D&D group for us so that I can play too (yay!) and he is going to be playing in our group as well. It will be very good for us to have an experienced player in our group. And it will be very good to have a real DM running a game that I am playing in. I have DM’d at least 95% of all of the D&D that I have ever gotten the chance to play. No one is ever willing to be the DM but me and so I decide to do it even though, in reality, I want to actually play and not DM. So this is very exciting for me. I like being the DM but not nearly as much as I like to be the player.

At five forty five Dominica and I got ready and drove down to Iselin to meet Prashant and Kriti at Nanking Express on Oaktree Road.  We had a nice dinner and we were home by nine.  I did some additional work and then it was time for bed.  Boy the weekends fly by when you don’t have any free time. Dominica managed to finish the Legacy of the Drow quadriligy today which means she has now read ten full books in the Drizzt Cycle.  I am still just at the beginning of book four.

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