February 11, 2008: No Sleep

We were right that there was going to be no sleep last night.  We tried going to bed at eleven after having just walked Oreo three times in the last hour.  But he needed to go out again at midnight.  Then at one thirty.  Then at three and again at a little after four.  So I really didn’t get a chance to fall asleep at all during that time.  Constantly lying in bed awake knowing that he was going to need to go out any minute and that I didn’t want to risk not waking up as he would panic.  Each trip was an emergency.

Going out all night was awful.  Not only was it keeping me from sleeping but the weather was so cold and there was so much wind that Oreo kept having to get baths as the wind would blow everything all over him.  It was so awful for him.  And he won’t do his business unless we go all of the way down to the corner where there is mulch and ground cover.  So each trip takes twenty to thirty minutes in total with Oreo and I running all the way from the building to the corner and back.  So my heart is really racing by the time that we return and sleep is not easily achieved.

My longest stretch of “rest” was from four thirty until Dominica alarm went off a little before six.  Oreo was feeling a bit better by that point and had moved up to snuggle next to me more like he usually does.  He was sleeping in his t-shirt, hardness and sweater, though, since there wasn’t time to get him dressed before each run outside.  I know that I woke up to Min’s alarm and that I was awake when she left for work at seven.  At that point I got my BlackBerry and plugged it in so that I could keep up with the office. Dominica called shortly after she left to say that the wind chill was at negative eleven degrees.  So I was not about to walk to work.  Today was going to be rough enough as it was.

So, at best, I started the day with one to two hours of sleep.  We sent Oreo to daycare instead of staying home with me because we couldn’t keep having him go out into those horrible weather conditions and I would be unable to work at all with the frequency of his trips.  At daycare he will be warm and can use the facilities as often as he likes.

Daycare emailed Dominica around lunchtime to let her know that Oreo was playing and seemed to be feeling much better.  Hopefully he will be back to normal tonight.  We think that he just had a really bad tummy ache caused by eating dry food on Friday night.  He doesn’t seem to handle dry food very well.  His stomach is very sensitive.

I got some cleaning done today.  We weren’t able to get that far through everything over the weekend so it is helpful that I can clean today but it does mean that we have a four day stretch without me being home now which will be tough.

I did some bill paying today and cleaning out the clutter in the office area.  And I did some homework.  I was pretty productive today.

Oreo was doing pretty well at daycare until the middle of the afternoon when he got sick 🙁  He didn’t have any food in his system and that might have affected him.  He is definitely not feeling very well.

Daycare said that Oreo’s afternoon improved after he got some Immodium into his system and that he was in good shape by the time that he headed for home.  He was very hungry when he got his first meal of the day.

I ordered in Domino’s Pizza before Dominica got home so that she wouldn’t have to wait for dinner.  It arrived shortly after she got home.  We settled in to watch some season six of The Cosby Show that came today on DVD from Amazon.  We are all really tired.  We also got  Dragons of Autumn Twilight on DVD which we are very excited about but do not have the time or energy to watch tonight.

I did get a chance to read a bit in my new “Backup and Recovery” book that arrived today.  I have been waiting for this one and hope to be through it in a day or two.

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