February 14, 2008: Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day everyone! And happy birthday my niece, Madeline! I don’t think that she reads SGL but someday she will look back and this and know that I remembered her birthday.

For Valentine’s Day Dominica wanted a Pajamagram. She asked for it weeks ago. I think that she thinks that I forgot but I didn’t. And since I don’t post the dailies until after she should have it it is safe to mention it here. That and she never reads the site. I scheduled the delivery so that it is supposed to arrive tonight. UPS has it “out for delivery” at the moment. Unfortunately Dominica never gets the packages so I have to get it and bring it up to the apartment. Not much of a surprise. (Ryan can sympathize with me.)

Oreo was incredulous this morning when we got him dressed for daycare. He was sure that he was going to get to stay in bed and relax. He is going to be so tired by the weekend. It is a good thing that I have Monday off so that he can sleep some more.

The weather was much improved today. It is still chilly but the wind isn’t so bad and the slush has mostly gone away. The walk into the office was fine and passed quickly. I ate a poptart on the way in. Saves time and money.

Dominica and I were attempting to make some dinner plans for tonight when my team in Bahrain scheduled me to work tonight at eight o’clock. Of course, why would I get Valentine’s Day dinner time free? How silly of me. What was I thinking.

Dad’s old laptop is starting to die. This is the HP Pavilion with the AMD XP 32bit processor. It is overheating something awful and shutting down on him all of the time. Not much use to him anymore. Or to anyone. This is the same unit that I caught my food on the power cord one day and broke the power connector socket so that it almost never works. It is an old laptop and has been around for quite some time. It is ready to be retired from active duty.

Yesterday, Rocketboom’s correspondent in Kenya, Ruud Elmendorp, provided a good, short documentary on how that country is coping with their recent structural breakdown. Good video for everyone but especially good for students looking for good “current events” coverage.

This weekend is going to be a little busy because I have to take my final for my Project Management class. This is the last test that I will have in the class. On the following weekend I will be turning in my final paper for the class. So the next week or so is going to be quite busy with that. But then project management is complete and I get to move on to “Object Technologies” shortly thereafter.

Lunch was falafel pita from the truck outside the office. Cheap and tasty.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am just very worn down. It has been a long week. I don’t get a lot of opportunity during the week to catch up no sleep when something happens and I miss sleeping on Sunday night. It really takes a toll on me all week long.

I didn’t get to head for home until six so it was around seven when I finally got home.  I was hoping to be able to pick up dinner on the way home but my mobile phone died on the way home when Dominica called me and we didn’t get a chance to discuss dinner so it had to wait until I was home as I didn’t know what she wanted.  She called while I was just getting to the train to tell me that she had gotten the Pajamagram that I had sent.  I was very happy that it actually arrived today and that she went and checked the package arrivals at the desk.

On my way past “The Spot” – the new upscale dinner club opening just down the street from Eleven80 – I stopped in to see how the progress was coming and they said that they are going to push through the night to get ready.  They are planning on having a party tomorrow night at four to midnight for the Eleven80 people and the NJ Devils to go check the place out.  So we are planning to go there tomorrow night.

I got home and we ordered dinner from Food for Life next door.  I called ahead and then went over to pick it up.  We had very little time to do anything tonight between getting home a little late and then having to work in the middle of the evening.

We watched a few episodes of The Cosby Show and ate our dinner in bed with Oreo who fell asleep as soon as we finished eating.  At eight thirty I went out and took care of the mid-evening work that needed to be completed and then we went to bed very early – before ten.

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