February 20, 2008: In Warren After Two Months

I didn’t feel like getting up at five thirty when the alarm went off but Oreo had gone and was in a blanket and not being snuggly so I figured that it was a bad morning to be lazy and sleep in.  Oreo got me up at a quarter after one during the night to take him out to the living room to check on the status of the new bone that Dominica had given him last night.  As soon as he saw that it was still where he had left it he was happy to go back to bed.  What a funny dog he is.  Although I think that he is funnier when he does not get me out of bed for this kind of stuff.

I got ready for work and was just about to head out when I realized that I was supposed to be working in Warren today rather than on Wall Street.  I was just in time to catch Dominica before she left and she was able to drive me up to the Broad Street train station and drop me off.  It was perfect timing.  It was really cold out this morning and I definitely did not want to walk all of the way over to the Broad Street rail station and then stand on the platform waiting for the train.

To add to my perfect timing, the train pulled up on the platform the instant that I set foot onto it.  So I just hopped right aboard and purchased my ticket on the train.  The conductor even overlooked the fact that I was buying it on the train and didn’t surcharge me for it.  So I just rode the train and read “Project Management with Scrum” on the way into work.

I got into the office just in time to get coffee and a bagel with the early morning crew.  Once again, perfect timing.  That appears to be the theme of the day.

It was quite a busy day for me out in Warren.  I haven’t been out to the Warren office for two months – not since the Christmas luncheon!  This is the longest stretch that I have been away from the office where I worked for almost all of 2006 and 2007.

I left the office this evening at five.  I caught the shuttle back to Summit where I catch NJ Transit.  Today I just happen to catch the Hoboken Express which bypasses all of my usual stops in New Jersey and takes me straight from Summit to the Broad Street Station in Newark.  It made for a very snappy trip home.

Originally Dominica was going to attempt to pick me up when I got back to Newark so that I wouldn’t have to walk back to Eleven80 in the cold but I ended up so far ahead of her that that didn’t really make much sense.  So I started walking home and decided that I would pick up dinner from Crown Fried Chicken on Broad Street.  We haven’t had fish sandwiches from there in quite some time.

Getting dinner there turned out to be perfect because I walked out the door just moments before Dominica and Oreo came by so they were able to pick me up and take me back to Eleven80 with them.  This was especially good as Dominica had done some shopping today and needed me to carry a few items.  The exciting thing that she bought today is the third season of Family Ties.

We finished watching Dragons of Autumn Twilight while we ate our dinners.  We both decided that it was so awful that it should never have been made.  It really does a disservice to a truly incredible book.  It is very sad.

Dominica had a lot of homework to do tonight so she spent most of the evening working on that.  I was really exhausted and took a shower, wrote SGL, talked to Andy on IM and decided to head for bed very much on the early side.  I did a little homework as well.  As long as I keep up on that I will be all done by Friday night and will have nothing but my term paper over the weekend.  I am completely done with the class at midnight on the 26th.

My new Dungeons & Dragons books came today.  Four of them, “Races of the Wild”, “Races of Stone”, “Races of Destiny” and “The Complete Divine”.  This just about completes my collection of D&D books that I really want to own from the v3.5 generation of sourcebooks.  eBay is a great source of D&D stuff like this.

I was off to bed even before ten o’clock!

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