February 23, 2008: Pwned by the Villagers

Oreo got me up at seven thirty to check on his bone in the living room. He must have been really sleepy to have taken so long to want to verify that it was still okay. It worked out well, though, because the office called just fifteen minutes later to ask me to start working at a quarter to eight instead of eight thirty. Some of these guys are rather demanding. I had stayed up and did my last deployment last night just before eleven to support some people still working in the office and now they expect me to be logged in and working before eight. That’s literally just eight hours between “shifts”. If I didn’t need less sleep than normal people I would be in really rough shape.

I discovered a cool blog today called “No Wrong Turns” which chronicles the adventures of Tom and Kelsey as the attempt to drive from Calgary, Alberta to Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. Three posts up so far and they are already a good way down on the California coast. They are making the trip in a VW Golf but won’t be driving the connector from Panama to Columbia as there is no “road” connecting the two and only some serious offroad equipment can make it through there if anything can. I have always wanted to do a trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego hitting every country along the way (and not skipping Columbia.) Unfortunately the Darian Gap connecting Panama to Columbia is a swamp (brackish, I would guess) and is extremely dangerous because of drug runners. So crossing there is pretty much impossible.

As of this morning everything is officially done for my Project Management class except for my term paper which I have been working on for the last few day. That will be pretty much my only project until Tuesday night. I really hope to have it done early but working all weekend makes that somewhat unlikely and I am going to be rushing a bit to get it done in time.

I ended up working on the morning deployments from seven thirty until after twelve thirty. So much for my Saturday morning. Dominica got up a bit after ten. It turns out that she could not sleep last night, which she normally cannot on Friday nights, and she stayed up until three in the morning working on her homework.

I walked over to Airlie Cafe at eleven thirty and picked up a late breakfast for us which pretty much counted as lunch as well. The weather is better today. Snow and slush everywhere but it is coming down only lightly now and it is not quite as cold as it was yesterday.

I was totally exhausted by early afternoon and took a nap with Oreo on his pillow in the middle of the living room floor while Dominica worked on her home. Then we watched two episodes of the second season of the “new” Doctor Who which we have on DVD from Netflix. The first disc only had two episodes on it so that was all that we had. This is actually good for us as it keeps us from having the option of watching all of them at once. But it is bad because now it will be late in the week before we can see another one.

Dominica made pasta Alfredo for dinner. We watched one episode of Family Ties and then we had to walk Oreo and get back to school work.

I was excited tonight when I learned that RIT is currently ranked as the number eight school in the northeast region of the United States by US News and World Report for Masters degrees. Very cool. It outranks all of the ivy league schools. Good time to be doing my Masters there.

The evening was spent doing homework.  Both Dominica and I spent many hours in the office just working.  Kind of sad for a Saturday evening.  Not the glamorous lifestyle that one would hope for.  We worked until almost midnight and then went to bed and watched a little of Family Ties before falling asleep.

Before totally falling asleep, I was pages out at one in the morning.  This, in addition to seven hours of work today.  I am going to be tired again tomorrow.  I can tell.

Today’s title is a reference to AoE2.

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