February 25, 2008: Happy Birthday to Me

It’s official.  I am thirty-two years old.

Dominica and I were wide awake last night and ended up staying up until two in the morning or later watching Family Ties.  Around one thirty in the morning Dominica decided that she was hungry and so went out and cooked up a breakfast or toat and eggs and vegetarian sausage.  I did some work with Audible downloading books to my iPod which has recently run out of books for me to listen to.  I downloaded a ton of books and podcasts.

I was quite exhausted when the time came to get up this morning.  I am really worn out from all of the research, reading and writing on the term paper.  I am really putting a lot of effort into this paper.  I am finding the project rather difficult as the subject is a hard one to tackle.  At least for me.

I was going in at regular time this morning rather than my usual early shift because I was so tired and worked so late last night.  My session was still logged on on my workstation so I checked the mail and ended up getting dragged into some priority issues and troubleshooting.  Then it was on to conference calls.  I ended up not getting a free moment until noon.  It was an extremely busy morning but I did get a chance to do some interesting troubleshooting.

Today I am working on reading “The Titanic Disaster Hearings” by Tom Kuntz – the official 1912 Senate hearing transcripts. I got a copy from it last night from Audible and I am listening to it whenever I have an opportunity.  It is an extremely eerie experience listening to a word for word reenactment of the hearing of the survivors taken the morning after they had arrived in the United States.  I definitely now have an appreciation of the entire Titanic disaster that I never expected to have.  I have quite a picture of the overall event now from 1907 when the project was conceptualized until days after the sinking.  Never having been interested in the accident before it is strange for me to now know it so intimately.

I grabbed lunch from Airlie Cafe.  I decided to try out their salad bar today.  It was really good.  I will be getting that more often.

Dominica came home at six thirty with groceries.  I went down to help her carry in.  She cooked vegetarian sausage and peppers for dinner.  We ate and watching some of Family Ties.

After dinner Dominica read through my term paper and made some suggestions and corrections while I read “The Art of Project Management.” That took an hour or more.  It was quite a project.

After working on my homework Dominica went to bed with Oreo and watched the end of the last Christy movie.  I continued reading “The Titanic Disaster Hearings” and worked on SGL before going in to bed myself.

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