March 1, 2008: Potty like a Rockstar

We slept in a little this morning and then hooked up the Nintendo Wii (it has been disconnected since we took it to dad’s house just before Christmas) and I played through the first chapter of Dragon Quest Swords. That took between ninety minutes and two hours. My first impression is that DQS is good but not on par with DQ8 from the PlayStation2. DQ8 was one of the greatest games, if not the greatest game, of all time. DQS takes away a lot of the gameplay of DQ8 and replaces it with a simplified action oriented interface using the Wii’s motion sensing remote. It is interesting but the game has been simplified significantly over the former title and I am thinking that this simplification will lead towards a less fulfilling game in general. The graphics appear to be mostly taken straight out of DQ8 and only slightly massaged at best for the Wii. DQS mostly suffers from DQ8 having been such an amazing game. DQS just has a lot to live up to and the expectations might be a bit unfair.

We have been working with Oreo trying to convince him to start using his new potty in the apartment but at this point we have been completely unsuccessful. Yesterday Dominica even got a load of used litter from Oreo’s daycare in the hopes that the smell would encourage him to give the potty a try. But he has decided that he is having none of that. This is going to take a lot of work, I can tell.

First thing this morning Dominica’s crown that she saw the dentist about just a week or two ago fell off while she was eating a chocolate truffle. Just fell off. No warning at all. So she had to make an emergency appointment for the dentist. She managed to get an appointment for three this afternoon.

Oreo and I drove Dominica to her dentist appointment in Kearny and took a nice walk while we waited for her. Her appointment went quickly and the dentist was able to put the crown back on.

We spent most of the afternoon relaxing. Under the guise of needing to test anamorphic playback on his DVD player, Ryan stopped by to borrow our copy of Bride and Prejudice but we are guessing that he is secretly addicted to Indo-Brit pop films and was just looking to borrow it. He said that he would run right back up with it after watching the first five or ten minutes but he didn’t come right back with it so we are pretty sure that he ended up watching it.

Ramona and Winni came over around six to hang out. Winni just got in from Wisconsin late last night. It is a good thing that we didn’t go to Niagara Falls this weekend as the weather turned quite bad and snowed very heavily all night and all morning today down here in New Jersey and was white out conditions and far worse up in the Niagara Frontier region.

At seven we ordered in sushi for dinner.  We hung out until around midnight and decided that tomorrow we are going to go shopping at Toys R Us for Settlers of Catan that Dominica wants to learn how to play.

I played some more Dragon Quest Swords before going to bed and almost managed to complete the second chapter but died at the last second and will have to work on it again tomorrow.

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