SGL Virus Free

I have received reports today that SGL is infected with a virus or malware and is downloading bad programs onto people’s computers.  However, these reports did not come with any troubleshooting details so we don’t know exactly what people are seeing and if the exploits being witnessed are coming from us or if they are coming from someone pretending to be us which is a popular route as well.  What I can tell you is that according to McAfee SiteAdvisor as well as Exploit Prevention Labs’ LinkScanner SGL is clean as a whistle.  We also have gotten no reports of mischievous behaviour from any other sources.  I ran the site in the most dangerous of web browsers, Internet Explorer, tonight on my completely updated Windows XP Pro machine running Live One Care and it found nothing bad either.  So, I am pretty convinced that we do not have a problem on our hands.

Just to be on the extra safe side I did an operating system update manually but found that we were completely up to date.  I am also undertaking a WordPress update too.  Might as well go all the way, I guess.

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