May 19, 2008: Doctors Appointment

I was totally exhausted this morning after doing Java homework all weekend long.  There is still more to do, though, and I will not be completely done until six in the afternoon on Wednesday.  Until then, my “no sleep” push continues.

I had to get up this morning as I am taking Dominica to a doctor’s appointment up near her office in Totowa, New Jersey.  We had to leave the apartment at eight so I was up around seven.  So after two weeks of not getting to catch up on sleep I only got between five and six hours of it last night.

After the appointment I came home and worked from home with Oreo during the day.  It would have been crazy to have attempted to have gone into the office because I have to pick Dominica up from work this afternoon too since I have the only car.  I wouldn’t get anything done today if I attempted to commute into Manhattan as well.

Instead of spending this evening working on homework I had to spend it working on some consulting work that I have been doing for a web design certification.  That ended up being far more work than I was expecting.  I worked on that from seven or eight in the evening until thre ein the morning.  I was so exhausted by the time that I was done.  But I really wanted to get it done before going to bed so that there is nothing left for me except for RIT homework.

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