May 24, 2008: Day Off at Dad’s

We all slept in a bit this morning as it was such a late night last night.  Oreo, in constant search of a nice sunspot in which to bathe, was the first one up.  Once everyone was up we headed over to Geneseo to eat at the Omega Grill.

The afternoon was spent just relaxing at dad’s house.  Hard to believe that we haven’t been on the farm in about six months.  This is one of the longest stretches that I have ever gone without being home at all.

One thing that is very strange is that New York’s Route 63 (aka Big Tree Road) is being moved and this trip is the last time that the highway and Peoria Road that I grew up on will be in the same place that they were all throughout my childhood.  The infamous dangerous curve on the highway and the horrible blind intersection that the state refused to fix – even with logical signage, the look of “Peoria” which used to sit on an intersection but will now sit beside one.  This is a major change to the look and feel of the place where I grew up.  Peoria Road is being closed the day after Dominica and I leave to return to New Jersey.  I won’t ever seen it again.

For dinner we went over to Perry to the Lumberyard Restaurant.  They have the best soup and salad there.  And the most amazing croûtons ever.  A funny thing to get excited about, perhaps, but you haven’t had them!

After dinner we went to Pavilion to Davis’ Farm Market and got soft-serve ice cream for all of us and Oreo.  I’m lucky if I can get Davis’ soft-serve once a year so I like to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises.

After dinner we came home and played with Oreo in the back yard for a while.  He just loves running after a Frisbee in the wide open lawn.  He got a ton of exercise today.  It was very good for him although all of the time spent in the grass is already starting to be a problem with his allergies.  He is just so sensitive to grass.  It is very sad.

We watched Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker which we rented from Netflix.  It really wasn’t very good, though.  It was incredibly weak compared to the other two Rush Hour films and did not maintain character integrity.  The storyline was crappy too.  The only really good bit was George, the French cab driver.  We were rather disappointed.  The first two movies were so good.

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