May 26, 2008: Driving Back to Newark

Today is actually Memorial Day, but all of our Memorial Day festivities are out of the way now.  Dad, Min and I went out for breakfast at the Omega Grill in Geneseo.

After breakfast we went back to dad’s and I spent the afternoon organizing and cleaning stuff that we have there.  Cataloging stuff that is there so that we can find it again is a huge endeavor.

We hit the road mid-afternoon and took the Interstate 99 corridor south to avoid i81 around Scranton.  That made the trip go much, much faster.  According to the GPS it takes only fourteen minutes longer to go that way anyway if there was no construction on i81.  So now we know that the i99 route is simply faster.  I am not sure that I have ever gone through the 81 corridor without at least fifteen minutes of delays somewhere.  Between never-ending construction and regular major accidents (the two longest traffic jams I have ever been stuck in where both on 81) there is just something always holding things up there.

It was around eleven when we pulled into Newark and unloaded the car at Eleven80.  We are quite tired of driving.  There will be no end to the traveling, though, next weekend is Florida and then the weekend after that is Ohio.  It is really cool that this week is just a four day work week for me and next week is a three day work week.  That will be very relaxing even though none of it is really a “vacation”.  It is good timing for two short work weeks after the last several have been so hectic.

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