May 30, 2008: Preparing for Disney 2008

I got a little less than five hours of sleep last night. I went to bed just before two and was up at six thirty this morning. I had to try on some clothes that Dominica had bought for me for our trip to Florida tomorrow which I didn’t have a chance to try on last night, and I had to try them on before she left for work in case some of them needed to be returned and swapped.

I would have gone back to bed for a little while but I checked the BlackBerry and people were needing me at the office already so instead of getting more sleep I logged in to work and got started on my day. Tomorrow starts my vacation so I can’t really complain if today is a bit long.

Dominica and Oreo left at seven. It was very sad to see Oreo leave as I know that I won’t see him again until Wednesday evening! He is going to be exhausted when we see him next. He is pretty tired as it is and didn’t really want to get up this morning.

While I was writing this this morning Continental Airlines sent me the check-in reminder email. Our flight is scheduled to leave Newark at eight twenty in the morning arriving in Orlando at five past eleven. It has been a long time since I have done a direct flight to Florida. I always stop off in Atlanta on the way.

According to Continental’s included forecast it is partially cloudy on Saturday with thunderstorms on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The temperature is a high of ninety-four on Saturday, ninety-three on Sunday and Monday and ninety on Tuesday! That is going to be one hot week. With thunderstorms that means that the humidity has to be at 100%. It is going to be a rough weekend from a weather perspective!

Today was a very busy day at the office.  I was kept busy pretty much all day long.  I didn’t even get a lunch break like I often do on Fridays.  Quite hectic.

I made hotel reservations for us in Alliance, Ohio for next weekend.  We had originally planned to stay in Ohio for three days and to come back on Monday night but then we realized how difficult it would be for me to find a place to really be able to work from up there.  So we are just staying for two nights and coming back on Sunday after the graduation party.

I got some bills paid today.  Best to have those out of the way before we go out of town.

Dominica came home and spent the evening packing.  Had she driven Oreo up to the Albany area tonight she wouldn’t have had any time to pack and we would be in a bit of a pickle.  It definitely worked out well tonight that Oreo is staying locally.  We spent some time tonight watching him on the web cam.  He was patiently waiting at the daycare door for Dominica to pick him up.  It was very sad.

We ordered in dinner from Nino’s to make the evening easier.  We watched a little of the Family Guy while eating and packing.  I didn’t get any real time to relax, though, as I had to do quite a bit of work for the office into the evening.

Our plan is to be in the taxi on the way to the airport at six in the morning.  Traveling in the early morning is always really hard for us because we always have a large number of things that can’t be packed until the very last second like the laptop, CPAP, cell phones. etc. which are all critically important and if we are rushing are very easy to forget.  And we aren’t able to pack the car ahead of time, or even the luggage cart, because we don’t have a garage and anything in the car is likely to be stolen.  Since we only have one bathroom it is extra difficult to get ready early in the morning as well.  Morning traveling really is difficult.  One of the myriad reasons why I am looking forward to having a house and a garage.  This is all discounting any issues with getting a taxi or getting our car from the valet.  Those add very dynamic risks into the already risky traffic equation.

I ended up working until around eleven.  Then it was time for a quick nap before needing to be up early tomorrow morning.  The plan is to be up at four thirty and to be on the road by six.

I set my out of office for the first time for a “vacation” since moving to New Jersey in early 2006!

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