May 9, 2008: Blustery Day

I was up until one thirty in the morning or later programming last night. There is much to be done and only a week to do it in. No time to waste.

I was up at my usual time on for a Friday. I logged in and got some work done and paid the bills.  I discovered this morning that Dominica’s college loans (from long, long ago) have been put into deferment again.  We thought that this would be a problem since it makes it more difficult for us to pay them so she called to have them removed from deferment.  But it turns out that there is no additional interest accruing on the loans while they are in deferment – part of a government plan to support continued education.  That’s awesome.  So instead of paying them off we are putting the money for them into a savings account.  It isn’t much but it gives us a two or three percent advantage on those funds until the deferment ends, and then we can just pay them.  Very cool.  That helps since we are paying for both of our continuing educations right now as well 🙁

The work today was actually a little light for a Friday.  But the bad news is that I got scheduled for work at seven thirty tomorrow morning.  The idea of having a Saturday off from “office” work has pretty much vanished.  I think that I only get one Saturday off a month.

I started heading into the office this morning but the rain and wind really picked up and I decided that it was going to be very foolish to continue on to the office in weather like this.  I like walking in the rain but three miles in heavy winds means that I would be soaked from head to toe and would be stuck sitting in the office attempting to dry out all day.  Best to stay home and actually get some work done.

No Oreo today since I was attempting to go into the office so he is at daycare.  That is best, though, since Dominica is going to be gone all next week and I don’t have any good way to take Oreo to daycare.  So he is going to be at home for nine straight days.  That is a lot for a little dog.  He is going to be bouncing off of the walls by the end of the week.

When Dominica and Oreo got home I was just wrapping up the main portion of my work for the day.  We ordered dinner from downstairs and watched Family Guy: Stewie the Untold Story or whatever it’s called.  It is the final three episodes of the fourth season packaged separately from the rest of the season.  Then we watched some The Love Boat and The Cosby Show. Then I was back into the living room to work on my homework while Min watched some of The Brady Bunch and headed to bed.  I worked on homework until two in the morning.

Tomorrow we are thinking about maybe taking a drive up the Hudson Valley to get a feel for the area.  We are very interested in the area around Beacon, New York.  But we will see when we get there.  We have no idea which areas are nice or not and which ones we are likely to be interested in.

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