June 14, 2008: Working in Frankfort

I had to be up at a quarter until eight this morning which left me with around five hours of sleep.  This weekend driving is really killing me.  I need time at home to just relax.  Or, more importantly at this point, time to do some house hounting.  We are getting down to the wire for finding something that we are really interested in if we are going to manage to get something before November.  If we don’t find something in the next eight weeks or so we will be moving in with dad until we are able to find something.

I put in six hours of office work today supporting Bahrain.  I wasn’t expecting this much work to be going on today.  It was exhausting having this after not having enough sleep.

We went out to dinner at the Kitlas as we usually do on Saturday evenings in Frankfort.  They have awesome food and the price is really good.  They have the weirdest location in the middle of nowhere on a back road facing away from everything.  You would never guess that there was a nice restuarant there.  I suppose that the Utica area is a lot more like the Hudson Valley (i.e. the Mohawk Valley is more like the Hudson Valley) that I am used to Western New York being in the way that there is a large population hidden in the landscape making you think that it is far less populated than it really is.  In the Hudson Valley it always feels like you are in the middle of nowhere even though you are in the midst of a massive population right on the fringe of New York City.

We walked up to the Knight Spot after dinner to get ice cream.  That is something that drives me crazy about Newark.  A big city and no way to get ice cream anwhere.  It is amazing how many of the simplest things that you have in any small town that you lose when you come to Newark.

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