June 16, 2008: Terabithia

Oreo was very tired this morning and did not want to go to daycare at all.  Speaking of Oreo, our Boston Terrier, if you do a Google search for oreo boston terrier our little boy comes up as the first, second, fourth and sixth hits!  He shows up near the bottom of the second page as well.  He is famous.

I worked on Wall Street today.  It is still hot here in the New York metro area but not as hot as it was last week.  It was relatively dry on the walk in as well.  No complaints.

It was a fairly busy day and I worked until around six.  At that time Dominica called to tell me that a horrible storm was approaching the city and that travel was going to be a major problem.  So I grabbed some developers from the office and we headed on out the door to get home before it got bad.

It was a little after seven when I got home.  We didn’t want to have to go outside for anything so we ordered in take-away from Nino’s and watched Bridge to Terabithia that Dominica got from NetFlix.  We had both thought that this was going to be a cool kid’s fantasy adventure type movie, more like The Spiderwick Chronicles, but it turned out to be a horribly sad movie about poorly treated children and dealing with death.  Not a happy movie in the least although it was quite well done.  It also turned out to be a remake of a 1985 Canadian made-for-TV movie starring Annette O’Toole.

What makes the movie even sadder is knowing that it is actually biographical and that it was written about two real life children in Maryland in the 1970s.  The book varies dramatically from the real life events but it based upon them.  In real life the children grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland but the book swings them around to the other side of the city to Virginia.  In the movie they set the events in New Zealand.

After watching that movie, which was good but we were not happy to have watched because it was just so overwhelmingly depressing, we watched a few hours of Third Rock from the Sun to cheer ourselves up.  Then it was time for bed.

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