June 17, 2008: Nothing Special

Today is a big day in the open source software world.  Firefox 3.0 releases today and the foundation is hoping to be able to set the largest number of downloads in a single day records.  Also, Wine 1.0 finally released today after fifteen years in the works.  Wine is a complete rewrite of the Windows environment on UNIX.  And OpenSuse 11.0 released the day after tomorrow.  Good stuff.

I am on Wall Street again today.  Dominica did a bit of searching for houses that we are interested in in Peekskill.  She has spoken to a real estate agent and we are planning to drive up there on Thursday evening to do some serious house shopping as quickly as we can.  We have several places that we are going to attempt to look at in one evening.  We even have a stand-alone single family house that we are going to look at in addition to some townhomes.  We really have no idea what we want or in what neighbourhood that we will want it.  We are looking at townhomes up no the hill overlooking the city and a single family home downtown – walking distance from the restaurants and the train station (which might be the swing factor as never needing to own two cars is a huge cost advantage.)

Today was slower than usual at the office, and I did not get stuck in the office as late as I usually do.  I was able to leave before six which was very nice.  I went to Borders on Broadway just to scope out the latest technology books.  Sometimes seeing them in person is helpful.  You can flip through and get a feel for the book in a way that you cannot when buying only on Amazon.

Dominica cooked dinner tonight and we relaxed watching Third Rock from the Sun.  It was a short evening.  We had to go to bed early because we have to be up extra early tomorrow.  I am working in Warren on Wednesdays regularly now, more or less, so I will be up and catching the NJ Transit at Broad Street Station on a fairly regular basis.

Oreo didn’t feel well tonight.  He didn’t ask for any dinner until very late and then got sick after eating.  He seems to be alright so we are hoping that it was just a mildly upset tummy.  Poor little dog.  It is so sad that he is unable to tell us what is wrong when he doesn’t feel well.

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