June 24, 2008: Class at Madison Square Garden

I got to sleep in just a little bit this morning.  I worked from home until nine thirty then took the PATH not to the World Trade Center, where I usually go via the PATH train, but up to the 33rd Street Station in Manhattan at the end of the yellow line (I usually take the red line.)  From the 33rd Street Station I just had to walk one block west to 2 Penn Plaza at Penn Station and Madison Square Garden where I was taking a class all day today.

The class ran from ten thirty to two thirty in the afternoon.  We got lunch and coffee there.  Then, after class, I just went “downstairs” into Penn Station and took NJ Transit back to Newark where I worked until the end of the day.  It was a nice change of pace and it was interesting seeing a bit of New York City that I almost never really get to see.  I am in Penn Station on a regular basis but I almost never get to see the part of the city immediately surrounding it.

My afternoon was pretty slow.  Dominica came home and cooked dinner.  We watched a little Third Rock from the Sun and she was asleep by nine.  I walked Oreo and talked to Mary for a while.  Mary has been living in Warsaw for the last few years but is moving to Dansville on July 15th.  She just started working at Walmart in Batavia this week.

I got caught back up on SGL today.  I got a bit behind over the weekend.  I also managed to keep a ton of Handbrake jobs running over the last few days.  Having HandBrake Helper running on my Linux workstation has made that portion of the work a positive dream.  It works so well.  It is extremely simple but it has been doing its job flawlessly.  It has really sped up the overall process making the workload not so much to bare.  I can’t wait until I get it expanded and get it working on Windows as well.  Having it on my Windows XP Pro desktop will really make a difference.  I just need a little time to be able to sit down and work on it again.

Dominica scheduled some house hunting this weekend.  We are going back up to Westchester on Saturday afternoon to look at more houses.  We are hoping that we will have an opportunity to talk to a bank before then but it is tough squeezing things that like into the day to day schedule.  You would think that working for a bank would make that a breeze but that isn’t always the case.

I am working out in Warren tomorrow so I will be a little harder than usual to reach.

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