July 1, 2008: Train Coincidences

Today is the last chance to vote for Andy’s OrbTrak in the latest Dice Tech Challenge.  Don’t procrastinate – get out there and vote right now!

I got to sleep in just a tiny bit this morning.  Last night, after Dominica went to bed, I talked to Andy for about an hour and then took the Brainbench Software Business Analyst exam.  I took the BSA certification in 2004 and did fine on it but my certification was out of date and I needed to renew it for some work that I was interested in.

The test is quite a hard one and took me well into the night.  It was long after midnight when I completed the test.  I am very glad that I decided to take the time to do it, though, as I managed to rank number six in the world on the exam by score!  Yay!

I worked from home for just a little bit this morning and then headed on in to Wall Street.  It was warm and humid today.  Pretty uncomfortable for my walk to the office.

On the train this morning I helped a family who were a bit unsure of how to use the PATH train to get to midtown.  I saw them looking confused and offered to help.  It turns out that they are from the Akron, Ohio area near where my family is from around Canton, Ohio, and the one “child” was a college student at Malone in Canton where my grandmother and my aunt both went to college.

While we were talking and I told them that my family was from Ohio they said that the other family in that half of the train car were not only from the same area in Ohio but from Louisville, Ohio, originally, which is the exact village that much of my family, including my father, is from.  So we all got to talking and I gave lots of Manhattan travel directions.  The second family was originally from Louisville but had then moved to Jamestown, New York not that far from where I grew up.  Weird.

For lunch Katie and I met at the Financier Pattiserie at 62 Stone Road.  We got sandwiches and ate out in the street cafe that they have set up there.  It was quite good.  It was not nearly so warm out by the time that we went out for lunch.

Again we spent the evening relaxing.  It is so nice now that we have announced that we are pregnant so that I don’t have to try to hide the fact that Dominica has been going to bed very, very early every day and not doing very much in the evenings because she is exhausted as she is pregnant.  Now, I suppose, the SGL updates make quite a bit more sense.

I did not stay up late tonight as I have to be up early tomorrow to catch the train to Summit.  I will be working in Warren tomorrow.

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