July 19, 2008: To Frankfort for the Baptism

On the way home from work last night I stopped off at Blimpie on the corner and picked up dinner for Dominica and I. Then we watched some Third Rock from the Sun and were off to sleep. It was a very early night for us and we did absolutely nothing. I never even sat down at my computer. We just went to bed. Dominica has a pretty serious cold and I am fighting it off so lots of sleep is very important. I’m sure that we are getting sick because we are so run down with lack of sleep this week.

We got to bed around ten and didn’t get up this morning again until ten. Almost twelve hours of sleep. That was awesome. I did have to get up at midnight and take Oreo for a walk around the block which is a pretty big sleep interruption but still, it was a lot of sleep.

Both of us felt much better this morning when we got up. Dominica still has a really bad cold but at least she is rested. With all of that sleep it appears that I managed to keep the cold at bay. I am not showing any signs of the cold this morning.

This morning I finished reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Foreign Currency Trading.” Since I work in the Forex market primarily I thought that it would be good for me to know more about the business side of things.

I had to do some work for the office this morning after getting up and also we had to pack to get ready to head up to Frankfort. For us, packing is really out of control. In this trip, for example, we are only staying for a single night and yet we still need to pack: a full bag for Oreo (because of his dietary and medical requirements), a laptop, three BlackBerries, iPod, Camera, chargers for each of the aforementioned, a suitcare for our clothes, toilettries, CPAP and books (just in case I have time to read) and my SafeWord (so that I can log in to the office to work remotely.) It is rather a bit of an ordeal just for the simplest, one day trip to Dominica’s parents’ house that isn’t very far away and has most ammenities that we would need!

All of that is for a single night and assuming that there is no time in which we would need to entertain ourselves. If that is the case then we need to start thinking about book(s) for Dominica, a means for me to work on projects, Nintendo DS, PlatStation PSP, etc. We even have the Nintendo Wii system portable-ized so that we can travel with it.

Dominica had a dream the other night that the baby was born and that we had an eight pound, one ounce baby girl – which supports Ramona and my belief that the baby is going to be a girl. Everyone else, and I mean everyone else, thinks that the baby is going to be a boy. Although I had a dream last night that we had quintuplets but the doctors have assurred us that that is not the case. (I also dreamt that to save money we bought a house in northern Panama so that the children could grow up with access to both coasts simultaneously.)

I did the dishes today which sorely needed to be done. The dishes have been sitting since late last week. We have been so busy this week that we just have not been able to get to them.

I worked for the office until almost two in the afternoon when we just couldn’t stay in Newark any longer and had to get on the road so that we could meet Dominica’s family at the Kitlas in Utica for our six o’clock reservations.

The drive up to Utica went pretty well. We didn’t hit any traffic or congestion and made quite good time. It is pretty rare that we are able to drive during the day which is a nice change.

We were running a bit late which could not be helped as I had to work before we could leave Newark, so instead of going to the Toccos’ house we went straight to the Kitlas to meet the family there. We called but could not reach anyone so we assumed that their mobile phones had died. We were just about to the restaurant when Dominica managed to reach Joe and discovered that he was still at home waiting for the family to return from their day at the lake. So we turned around and drove back to Frankfort to wait for them. Apparently they were missing the six o’clock schedule for dinner.

We hung out at the Tocco’s house until seven thirty when people returned from swimming.  It appears that Dominica had some bad information about the dinner plans and we raced all day to get here but no one else knew that the dinner plans were at six – although Joe was under the same impression and was also wondering where everyone was.  So we aren’t sure what happened.

So at seven thirty we all left to go to the Kitlas for dinner.  Dinner was awesome as always.  Then it was back for an evening of baptism party preparations and me racing Madeline and Emily on Mario Kart Wii.  Madeline kicked my butt in every single race!  I am getting seriously old.

Apparently I need to start playing video games more often as I have completely lost my edge and I need to be able to play against my own child in a few years.  I will be much older by the time that they are ready to play games against me so I need to be honed now or I will never be able to keep up.

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