August 21, 2008: Dominica Turns 30

92 Days to Baby Day! (26 Weeks, Six Days Pregnant)

Happy 30th Birthday to my wife, Dominica.

Dominica was unable to get her birthday off from work because someone else beat her getting in her day off request.  So she had to go to work this morning even though she considered her birthday to be a holiday.

Oreo and I slept in until around seven thirty this morning.  I was pretty tired after having worked until midnight last night.

This morning I finally finished reading “The Zen of CSS Design” and started reading “Presentation Zen“.  Neither book has anything to do about zen; they are not related to each other.

According to NewEgg’s UPS tracking page, my new hard drives and USB CD/DVD drive for the HP DL145 G3 are “out for deliver” which means that I could have them at any time today.  That will be awesome as I need those parts to be able to build the DL145 which is then going to be shipping to dad’s house soon and I wanted to be able to get it ready sooner than later.

It was a busy morning.  Lot’s of requests coming in all day.  Nice sunlight for Oreo; he was happy.

It was a slow day at Dominica’s office so she requested an impromtu half-day of work.  She didn’t know if she would get the time off until the last minute but at noon they let her head home.

Dominica got home around one and discovered as she arrived home that her rear tire was flat.  After attempting to reflate it and inspecting it more closely she discovered that the tire had worn right through and was completely destroyed.  It is a miracle that it hadn’t blown on the highway on her drive home at high speeds right up against the Jersey barriers.

We couldn’t do anything right away so at one forty we went to Airlee Cafe for lunch with Ryan.  We ate and then Dominica dealt with the car most of the afternoon while I worked.  Thank goodness for BMW Roadside Assistance.  They sent someone right out to switch out the tire with the donut and then we drove up to BMW of Bloomfield and dropped off the car for service.  No tires available today but we should have them all set by tomorrow.

The dealer was out of loaner BMWs so they had Enterprise come and pick us up and hook us up with a brand new Nissan Maxima for the day.  Dominica had a choice of a couple different cars but we both like Nissan and she has always wanted to try out a Maxima.  We were quite impressed.  It is a very nice car.

It was six by the time that we got back to Newark.  I had to have some people cover for me at the office while I was out, but I had been able to get everything caught up before I left and almost nothing new came in while I was gone so it really wasn’t too bad.

I worked for two hours after we returned to Newark then we walked over to Food for Life for Dominica’s birthday dinner.  Originally we had planned to go out tonight someplace nice but we were both really worn out by the time that it came to get dinner so we decided that close and simple was more important.  We are doing dinner on Saturday night to celebrate both Dominica and Joe’s birthdays in Utica.

After dinner we watched one episode of The Love Boat and ate some cheesecake from FFL for Dominica’s birthday cake.  Most of the time was spent preparing and feeding Oreo his two meals and then having to take him out for his evening walk.  Heading for bed just after ten.  We are both pretty tired.

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