September 18, 2008: Tree Replanting

64 Days to Baby Day! (30 Weeks and Six Days Pregnant)

Oreo and I overslept this morning.  He was being super snuggly and when I woke up his head was right beside mine.  He seems to really be loving his late mornings this week.  What a spoiled little dog he is.  He is going to have so much energy stored up that he is really going to have a lot of fun playing with his grandpa on the farm this weekend.

The weather is a little warner today than it has been, but I really am enjoying the fresh air so I kept the windows open.  The apartment and the plants are all really enjoying it as well.

Side Show Bob, the healthy, upwardly mobile tree that sits on the windowsill directly beside my desk, has been far beyond the capacity of his pot as of late and today I finally got around to transplanting him to the nice, big, new ceramic pot that Dominica bought for him a few weeks ago.

The transplanting process was a bit more work than I thought that it would be.  I knew that I was going to need to cut the put off of him to get him loose but I had no idea to what extent he was going to be caught in the pot.  The foot system had grown a good three to four inches past the bottom of the pot so the pot was pretty well integrated into the plant itself.

It probably took twenty minutes but Sideshow Bob is now into his new pot, is watered and is preparing to undergo several days of shock.  Hopefully he will recover and flourish in his new environs.

I went over to Food for Life to get my lunch today.  I haven’t eaten over there in a while.  Now that we are on the home stretch towards moving to Peekskill I am beginning to realize just how few opportunities I have to eat at places like FFL before we leave the region.

My next greenthumb task is to replant the baby mandarins that we have growing in the same pot as our main mandarin plant.  Originally there were just a few babies but now there are about a dozen!  Anyone want one?  Maybe I can save one for you.  The mandarin houseplant family is known for being one of the best plants for cleaning the air.

I managed to complete all of my textbook reading that was assigned this week for my class at RIT.  I also did the “in class” work which includes going through the professor’s powerpoint presentation.  Now I only have the weekly homework left to do.

Work at the office was not too busy today.  With the stock market continuing to be completely crazy we are really just battening down the hatches rather than making any changes.

For dinner this evening we ordered in from Golden City.  We got our usual order: spring rolls, cheese wantons, vegetable lo mein for Dominica and General Tso’s Bean Curd (tofu) for me.  We will really miss Golden City, Nino’s, Airlie, Brazilian Pizza and Food for Life when we move to Peekskill.

Tonight was Min’s night to cook for Oreo.  There isn’t another evening at home until Wednesday of next week!

After Min cooked Oreo’s dinners for the week we spent the evening relaxing while watching the final season of Frasier.  It is amazing that I had never seen the final seasons.  The first seven seasons or so were ones that I knew so well.

Dominica went to sleep around a quarter till ten.  I was not tired yet and there was only an hour and a half left of all of Frasier and I knew that I would not have an opportunity to watch it again until late next week so I just stayed up and finished watching the final season.  Then it was off to bed for me as well.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  In the morning I will be home with Oreo.  Then in to the city and having lunch with Katie.  Then the office in the afternoon.  Dominica will get home as early as she can to rescue Oreo and pack.  Then if everything goes to plan we will be on the road towards dad’s house around eight and arriving around two in the morning.

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