September 2, 2008: Starting My Fall Class at RIT

80 Days to Baby Day! (28 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant)

Boy were we all tired this morning.  Dominica got up at six and called into work.  There was no way that she, being over 28 1/2 weeks pregnant, was going to be able to go into work on that little sleep – even having napped in the car a little on the way home.  Oreo was pretty exhausted as well and was quite glad to have some time to sleep in late.  I slept in until close to eight myself.

I got up and logged into the office before eight.  I thought that there would be a huge backlog of work for me to work on but there was hardly any.  I had about five thousand email messages to sort through but that was actually pretty light considering how long I was away.  (Yes, that is the actual number that were in my inbox.)

Dominica slept in until a bit after ten.  She was feeling pretty tired still and considered going back to bed again but gave up and got ready for work instead.  We thought about having Oreo head into daycare but by the time that we thought of doing that it was too late and it was already “nap time” at daycare and new dogs aren’t allowed to enter after that point.

InfoWorld has an early look at Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 8 browser and notices that it consumes more memory than the entire Windows XP operating system!  In other web browser news, Google announced their own Chrome browser today based on the WebKit web rendering engineer.  Chrome is based on the same base technology as Konqueror and Safari.  If nothing else this will add some weight to the third place browser family.  It will be interesting to see the impact of Chrome on the browser market.

I downloaded Chrome and gave it a try today.  So far I am pretty impressed.  It won’t be replacing Firefox anytime soon for me – primarily because it does not work with Zimbra which is my biggest web application, but for normal browsing it is very nice.

Since Dominica did not have Oreo today we decided that she would stop at CheeseBurger in Paradise near her office and bring home something different for dinner.  It is so seldom that we get any variety.  So she got cheddar BBQ veggie burgers and fried pickles for dinner.

My Process Management class at RIT began yesterday but I did not sign in until today.  As of yesterday, my cousin Sara and I are both attending RIT at the same time.  Pretty weird.  Sara is also a graduate of Monroe Community College where I did my Associates degree.  I ordered my books for RIT this evening.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime or I wouldn’t have them for a week.  I am hopeful that the book will arrive right away because there is only one left in stock!  Oops.

Most of the evening was just spent relaxing.  We needed it.  The past week has been very tiring.  Tomorrow, being Wednesday, is my early day so I need to get some sleep tonight.  My trip to the Georgian restaurant had to be postponed, though, because tomorrow there is a Lunch & Learn with Red Hat at the office.  There were not enough seats for me to get in, however, so I have to buy my own lunch and eat at my desk while listening to the presentation on the phone.  Not quite the same.

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