September 20, 2008: The Toccos Come to Peoria

62 Days to Baby Day! (31 Weeks and One Day Pregnant)

“If there’s anything unsettling to the stomach, it’s watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.” – Marlon Brando

Dominica and I really slept in this morning.  We were totally exhausted after all of the driving last night and did not get up until a bit after eleven.  Eleven seems like a ridiculously late time to be dragging oneself from bed in the morning but when you consider that we did not get to sleep until after three in the morning it really is not all that bad.  This is why traveling on a two day weekend is so tough for us.  We spend all weekend just recovering from the trip itself.  We are so excited to actually be having a four day weekend again.  This is great.

SGL had some work done in the data center last night.  It was supposed to begin at two in the morning but we had some network problems occurring in the late evening and, I assume, some during the night before the scheduled work began.  Then, instead of meeting the thirty minute projected time slot or even meeting the two hour reserved work time zone, the data center was up and down for about eight hours with what appear to have been some blips in service going as late as maybe one in the afternoon!  So some of you may have noticed us as being unavailable during this morning.  It was not our fault.  It was our incompetent data center.

Right in the middle of our data center having one outage after another, which they seem to get in waves, we have been talking to them about making a change to our service plan.  They are not willing to budge on some really simple requirements that we have even though we have stuck with them and have been treated pretty poorly over all after two years or working with them.  So, the plan is, even after trying hard to help out a small business in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that we will be moving SGL to Toronto in the very near future.

We are really thankful for Twitter, or microblogging in general, which allows us to so easily post travel updates while we are on our way from Newark to back home.  We don’t have to email a list of people or anything or call anyone upon arriving.  We just tweet when we are leaving, tweet at major points along the way and tweet when we arrive.  Anyone interested in our status or progress can just log into SGL or just look at Twitter and see what the latest is.  It makes checking in on people, especially people traveling late at night, simple and casual.

The Toccos are coming out to meet us today for an early dinner.  Dominica called them, but they were not going to be arriving until early afternoon so we went to the living and just visited with dad for a while.  We had thought about running over to Geneseo to get some lunch at the Omega Grill but it was so late and dinner was going to be really early so we decided against it.

The Toccos arrived around two in the afternoon.  We visited for almost two hours and then we headed on over to Perry to go to the Lumber Yard for dinner.  The Lumber Yard has really turned into a pretty regular stop for us when we are home.  It is definitely one of dad’s favourite places to go eat.  We have been eating there since I was very little.  I can remember eating there easily twenty five years ago.  In my memory, of course, it seemed like quite a fancy place and very much “an occassion” to go there to eat.  In reality, it is a moderately casual place – a fancy family restaurant with a bar off to the side.  With rare exception, restaurants in rural Upstate New York only get so fancy.

Dinner was really good, as always.  The soup and salad they have at the Lumber Yard are excellent.  Dad and I really love the seafood soup that they do there.  It was a little more salty than usual and Dominica decided that she did not want her cup so I ate it as well. Her father even went for seconds.  For dinner Dominica had the stuffed grouper, I had the stuffed salmon and dad had the prime rib.  I am not sure what the Toccos decided to have.

The Toccos left pretty much as soon as we arrived back at dad’s house.  It was around five thirty and it was going to be after eight before they reached home so they wanted to get started with as much sunlight as possible.

This evening I noticed that my blood pressure was incredibly high and that I was not feeling very well.  My ears were ringing and I was starting to feel light headed.  We decided to just have a relaxing evening.  So dad downloaded In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, which is the Jason Statham movie based on the video game Dungeon Siege.

The movie was very silly but somewhat enjoyable.  It was roughly what I had imagined that it would be.  I really wanted to know what a movie based on Dungeon Siege would be like.  It was entertaining but nothing special.  I was quite impressed by the image quality of the Amazon UnBox (aka Video on Demand) download.  It was really something.  I’m sure that we will consider using UnBox for some of our movie rentals once we move to Peekskill and have the opportunity to consider hooking up a computer to our viewing system.

We went to bed around midnight.  We were all really exhausted.  My blood pressure had come down some after relaxing for a while.  We aren’t sure if it was because of stress, a lack of sleep, the driving last night, all of the caffeine last night during the drive, more caffeine today than usual, too much salt at dinner or what.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

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