September 8, 2008: Finally Rava Dosa Again

74 Days to Baby Day! (29 Weeks and Three Days Pregnant)

I started my day reading David McCullough‘s 2003 Jefferson Lecture from the National Endowment for the Humanities: “The Course of Human Events.”  (This lecture is available, read by David McCullough, from Audible.)

I stopped by Airlie Cafe and grabbed a coffee to drink on my walk to the office.  The weather has turned much nicer today, still a little warm for me but far better than it has been, and I enjoyed my walk to the office in Manhattan listening to my iPod loaded with conference talks from IT Conversations.  I listened to an especially good talk from O’Reilly Media’s Emergency Technology Conference by Lawrence Lessig on Coding Against Corruption.

For lunch today, four of us headed uptown to hit a south Indian dosa restaurant about which we have been talking about for weeks.  I haven’t been able to get dosa in months!  It was a very nice change from the regular cuisine that I get these days.

My new BlackBerry Curve 8300 was approved this morning and should be arriving at the office in the next few days.  Because of disaster testing, I am not going in to the Warren office this week, so I expect that I will be picking up the new BlackBerry next Wednesday while I am out there.  This will be a very nice upgrade from my current, ancient, BlackBerry.  That thing is awful.  It was not fun to carry around as it was so old that it was embarassing, but it just kept on working so I was reluctant to have it replaced.  It finally died so now I get a nice, new one.  Yay!

Google turns ten years old today.  Now I feel old.  I remember when AltaVista was hot, new search engine on the block and when Yahoo took over from them!  Heck, I remember when there was no “web” and we just had the Internet and we used Gopher for text resources.  I remember when the web was available but the idea of graphics hadn’t arrived yet!  Then this crazy thing called Mosaic showed up and everything changed!

I worked at the office until almost seven thirty.  My foot problem is really bothering me today and my walk to and from the office was really painful.

Dominica ordered in Nino’s so that it arrived just minutes before I got home.  We watched a little Frasier while eating dinner.  It wasn’t long before I had to stop relaxing and get back to work, though.  There is way too much to do now that school is back in session.  No relaxation opportunities for me from until, well, I have no idea.

I had to jump on and work for the office again at eleven thirty.  I worked for a little while then remembered that I hadn’t put in my time sheets yet for the last two weeks!  Oops.  Wow, good thing that I remembered that.  So I took care of that as well while I was online.

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