October 2, 2008: The Vice Presendential Debate

50 Days to Baby Day! (32 Weeks and Six Days Pregnant)

20 Work Days Left for Dominica

Oreo got me up to walk him at one in the morning.  We had a nice walk around the block then went back to bed.  I was very glad at that point that I had decided that I wanted to go to bed nice and early last night.

Oreo and I got up around seven thirty.  I was very well rested for a change and feel pretty good today.  The air is cool and breezy but there is a lot of sunlight today.  A perfect day for Oreo to be home with me.  Most of the week didn’t have such a nice day for him to lounge in the living room on his big Star Wars pillow.

I got up and got signed in to the office.  It is a pretty slow day today even with the market stuff going on.  I managed to get the dishes done pretty early on this morning.  I am working hard on getting all of the DVDs that we have here in Newark ready so that they can be shipped to dad’s next weekend so that they are completely out of the way before the move.  The last thing that we want is anything “extra” down in Newark to be moved more than it needs to be.  So far I am making good progress and remain on target.

This morning, on MSN.com, they have three pictures cycling by on the homepage.  Bear Mountain Bridge, literally right next to where we are buying our new house.  That is the bridge that we cross to get over the Hudson River just above Peekskill.  The article on MSN using the picture is “The 19 Autumn Foliage Hot Spots”.  It is a good sign that where we live is the highlighted picture.  Here is the direct link.

I placed an Amazon order this morning as I am running low on reading material here in Newark.  I have to maintain a stock of books that are rather small so that they will fit into my bag that I carry to and from work each day in addition to large format books that I read at home.  So I have five new books coming this next week.

Lunch was leftovers from last night.  A little pizza and a salad.

I started using Stack Overflow yesterday, the new developer’s answer site from Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky.  So far it seems to work pretty well.  I have been listening to the podcast from them as they discuss the building of the web site for a few months now so it is very interesting to see it taking shape.  I already have 211 reputation points on my very first day and six or seven badges.

The afternoon flew by in a blur.  Suddenly it was three o’clock and I had no idea at all.  I didn’t even end up eating my salad until three!

Oreo is home with me so Dominica is able to bring home fish tacos from On the Border.  She has lost her taste for fish tacos in the pregnancy so she gets a salad and I get the fish tacos and she eats the rice and beans that come with the tacos.  It works out well.

Tonight I had someone, a Masters of City Planning Candidate (how does one fail to actually get a masters degree?) from UPenn, call me trying to rope me into a pyramid scheme.  He is a real UPenn student as he can’t afford real email and has to use his student account.  Newark is so crappy that even the Ivy League graduate students are trying to make a buck on a pyramid scam.  It was the same scam that we had to have homeless people removed from the building for previously.  I am so anxious to get out of this town.  I want to live in a place where an ivy league grad would feel embarrassed to be trying to get his neighbours suckered into a pyramid scam.

We ate dinner and watched some Fresh Prince and Magnum P.I. The vice presidential debate is scheduled for nine o’clock tonight and the plan is that Kevin, Pam and I are going to go down to the lounge, if it is available, to watch it.

Dominica and I relaxed until nine when it was time to watch the debate.  Dominica went to bed and I went down to Kevin and Pam’s apartment to watch it.  We had hoped to have been able to have gotten one of the lounges but they were all already in use.

Overall the debate was mostly a stalemate, in my opinion.  Palin did much better than I had expected although her unwillingness to face a lot of questions was pretty blatant and she didn’t really deflect them but just plain ignored them which was not overly skillful.  Already it seems apparent than any mention of energy by her is just another phrase meaning “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”  But she didn’t get totally destroyed in the debate like we had all expected although it was very clear that Biden was pulling all the punches and just letting her go even when the shots were open for him.

I got back to the apartment and wrapped up my class discussion for the evening.  Then it was time to walk Oreo.  Before heading off to bed I really wanted to wrap up the book that I was reading so I just sat down in the office and read until it was done.  At ten after midnight I finished reading “UML for the IT Business Analyst“.  That makes four books completed in four days!  It has been a very good reading week indeed.

Then it was time to head off to bed.  Tomorrow is looking like it will be a nice day for walking into Manhattan.  A high of sixty-four degrees.  I am so glad that autumn is finally here.

Dominica and I are planning to be home in Newark this weekend.  It is our final weekend “in Newark” deus volente. Next weekend is Joe Howlett’s wedding.  The weekend after that is our proposed “soft move” to Peekskill.  The weekend after that is our hard move to Peekskill.  The weekend following that we no longer have a lease for the apartment so we shant be here at all.

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