October 27, 2008: Final Packing

25 Days to Baby Day! (36 Weeks and Three Days Pregnant)

4 Work Days Left for Dominica.

Today is our final day to get all of the packing done in the apartment before the movers come first thing tomorrow morning.  Dominica has to go to work today so I am stuck doing a lot of packing of whatever is left around the house.

I finally found a real Westchester County map today and confirmed that Cortlandt is the town in which Peekskill is a city.  So we live in the city of Peekskill, in the town of Cortlandt in Westchester County in Downstate New York.  I also found out that Westchester has less than a million residents in it making it smaller than Monroe and Erie counties (but still twice the population size of Alaska.)

Tonight is our final night sleeping in Newark with furniture.  Boy is this going to be a long week.

I’ve been doing some shopping for a BluRay player recently in the hopes of getting one for Dominica for her birthday (yes, a bit late because originally she was going to get a pink Acer Aspire One but they never ended up releasing it.)  So today I was about to order her a Samsung BluRay player with which to surprise her for her birthday when I discovered this cool software called “Play On” that is currently in beta for the PS3 and 360 (and soon to be available for the Wii.)  Play On uses a little bit of software running on a Windows XP or Vista machine elsewhere in your home to make Netflix OnDemand, Hulu, CBS, CNN, YouTube and other services available on your PS3 or 360.  (Notably it does not handle Amazon UnBox, at least not yet.)

Having NetFlix, CBS and Hulu functionality on the PS3 along with BluRay capacity is a really big deal and completely changes our decision making process.  So now instead of looking into just getting a BluRay player we are planning to get a Sony PS3 instead.  Sony should really be thrilled with these guys making this Play On product, it really makes the PS3 a lot more valuable to those of us who haven’t seen any games on it yet that we would even want to buy.  Now I will have to see if there are any decent games out there for it that aren’t significantly better on the 360.  Finding a single game that I really want for the PS3 is a little difficult.  The game lineup for it is very, very weak in the RPG and adventure gaming genres and the few games that it does have almost all exist both on it and the 360 with better performance and graphics on the 360 (Assassin’s Creed, for example.)

After reading a lot of reviews, it looks like the game for me is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition.  If I am only going to own a single game for a while it might as well be something awesome.  That and maybe a Gran Tourismo game, those are awesome.  Mostly I like to play heavily story-driven RPG games and the XBOX 360 seems to be the platform for those.  So the PS3 will mostly be a BluRay player and Netflix device for us, I guess.  At least until someone decides to really start expanding its game library.

I was looking at Newark pics today and found a nice shot of Eleven80 and the National Newark Building from the Prudential Center.

I got a ton of packing done this afternoon and early evening.  Dominica didn’t get home from work until a bit after seven because she had to take Oreo to a vet appointment after work.  She was really tired when she got home.

I ran over to Subway to pick up a quick dinner for us and we got right into the packing.  There was a ton of work left to do.  No matter how close to being finished that it seems that you are there is always so much more left to do.  The kitchen is just impossible to get through; there is so much stuff hidden in there.  You just keep finding more and more.  Mostly old food that we haven’t seen in two years because when you have a kitchen this small everything gets completely buried and you never seen things that you buy because something is on top of them almost immediately.

Because we are not completely moving out of Newark tomorrow morning but have to still be functional here with a bed, computer, Internet access and shower necessities we actually have, I think, a harder job to do because we have to keep setting things aside so that they do not get packed.  In addition to that, I am logged in on the desktop doing SGL, keeping up with requests from the office and doing my RIT classword discussions so that I can’t quite break down the last of the computer stuff.  Just one more thing lingering “in the way”.

Dominica had to cook for Oreo tonight too and we had to do dishes.  Plus there was more laundry.  Wow.

I am wrapping up today’s post as we close in on one in the morning.  There is a bit left to do so we aren’t going to bed quite yet even though the movers are due to arrive as early as eight in the morning.  I cleaned up my email at the office and turned on my out of office assistant.  I Twittered to let everyone know how the packing is going.

My goal now is to break down the last of the office equipment and re-network everything so that we have just enough to remain functional.  We have packed two of the three phones and all we will have remaining is just enough to keep the one phone still online and Dominica’s laptop.  We will be offline all day tomorrow so don’t be surprised when we go silent.  I will not likely be answering email, I won’t be posting to SGL and the Twitter feed is unlikely to get much in the way of updates although I will update it if I get a chance.  I am up to date on my class so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I am going to be limping for the rest of the week.  If things go really well we will be back to fifty-percent computer functionality around Friday night and starting to recover on the weekend, but it is unlikely that we will have the house wired at all by that point and that is going to be the real stumbling block for us for a while.

Happy Diwali everyone.  See you all on Wednesday, I hope.

Tomorrow schedule: movers arrive in Newark at 8am.  Load truck from 8am until noon.  Load Mazda with breakables and Oreo.  Everyone drives to Peekskill.  Unload truck and Mazda.  Hopefully done before 4pm.  At 4:15, Dominica has a doctor’s appointment at the clinic in Peekskill.  Dad and aunt Sharon scheduled to arrived around five to six in the evening.  Dinner.  Unpack a little.  Return to Newark.  Collapse in empty apartment on air mattress.

I hope that we remember to put air into that mattress before we collapse onto it.  We won’t be able to see it as the bedroom has no light after tonight.  !!

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