October 30, 2008 Continued

I took the PATH to Newark at one and arrived at Eleven80 just after two.  In the middle of the day without any traffic whatsoever it takes about sixty five minutes to get from office to home in Newark and seventy to seventy five minutes during rush hour and more when the weather is warmer because I have to walk so much slower.  Today was extra fast because I actually had to run for the PATH train doors as they were closing just as I made it to the platform.

I got to the apartment and got logged back in to the office and then spent an hour working and cleaning as much as I could to get ready for the maid service to arrive.  I know that it sounds strange to be cleaning ahead of the maid but this is the move out final cleaning and I have to get absolutely everything out of her way so that she can really clean.  We have her booked for four hours today!

I am a member of some Disney photo groups on Flickr and one of them had a Disney ride competition this week.   I was flipping through some of the pictures and found an image of the final scene from Walt’s original Carousel of Progress as seen in 1979.  The ride was updated in 1981 to the final scene that I saw the first two times that I went to Walt Disney World.  In 1993 it was updated again to the travesty atrocity that they have now.  I really wish that they would put it back.  It was so much better before.  The way that Walt intended it to be with each scene being twenty years after the one before.  Now the scenes are 1904, 1924, 1944 and this weird, Orwellian view of 2004 actually made in 1993.  It is awful.  The 1981 update that I originally saw was not too bad even though they tore out 1964 to put in 1984.  It was close enough that it at least still worked more or less.

The maid from Maids on Call arrived right at three and got right to work.  She is scheduled to be here until seven.  That is a long day.

Tonight is Dominica and my very last chance to have dinner in Newark – at least while living here.  So, for old time’s sake, we ordered in dinner from Food for Life.  It just wouldn’t be right to not have FFL on our final night in Newark.  It is so hard to believe that our first meal at Food for Life in Newark was more than two years ago!  It doesn’t seem like that at all.  The first time that we ate at Food for Life was September 26, 2006.  Twenty-five months ago.

I got the BLT that I first got that very first time at FFL.  Just for old times’ sake.  It is still delicious after all of this time.  I didn’t really think about moving out of Newark much until I went into Food for Life.  It was completely empty except for the employees and me, just like our first night there.  I got a chance to say goodbye.  It is weird that the people who work there now have only been working there for half as long as we have been going there regularly.

It is a quarter after seven now.  I am shutting down the laptop in the apartment now to go offline and to pack up everything that is remaining.  I have been working for the last five hours just standing at the kitchen counter.  My feet are killing me.  We have to make a run to and from Peekskill yet tonight.  It is a very long night.

We are very sad that we have to miss the awesome Eleven80 Halloween Party.  It was awesome last year and we were really looking forward to it again this year but there is just no way that we can take the time to do that tonight.

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