October 5, 2008: Nice Relaxing Sunday

47 Days to Baby Day! (33 Weeks and Two Days Pregnant)

19 Work Days Left for Dominica; House closing in 2 – 20 days.

I “slept in” until around ten thirty this morning although there was very little sleeping.  At best I probably got no more than two restless hours of sleep broken up between the hours of four and ten this morning.  Not a very restful night.

Well, this is it.  Barring any catastrophes today is Dominica and my final, free weekend day in Newark, New Jersey.  It is pretty hard to believe that our last weekend is ending and we do not even have a closing date yet.  Next weekend we are out of town for Joe’s wedding up in Rochester.  The weekend after that is, or at least it should be, our first weekend of moving to the new house.

I ordered Steve McConnell’s “Software Project Survival Guide” from Amazon Markplace in “Like New” condition for under $5.00.  That’s awesome.

I also ordered two movies for the purpose of doing some house keeping in my Amazon wish list.  We got As You Like It and Road to Hong Kong which completes our Bing Crosby and Bob Hope “Road to…” movies.  We have them all.

My “score” on StackOverflow is up to 428 as of this afternoon.  I wasn’t even really active on the site today.

This week was an incredible reading week for me.  I completed a book each day Monday through Thursday and then managed to finish reading “Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy” this afternoon which I only purchased from Borders on Friday evening on my ride home.  I had the good fortune of coming out to the living room and having Oreo join me on the snuggle recliner.  I just sat there with my feet up reading and he snuggled beside me bundled up in his wool blanket.  It was very relaxing.

Overall it was quite a relaxing day.  I did a lot of reading, as I mentioned, and Dominica watched tons of AppleTV.  We did watch quite a bit of AppleTV together and at one point Dominica even came out to the living room and read for half an hour or so.

Tomorrow I am covering the early shift at the office for someone so I have to be up bright and early.  Oreo will be happy as that means that I will be working from home, at least in the early morning, so he will get to stay home with me and rest.  That works out as it saves us a day of daycare costs too.

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