October 7, 2008: Another Rough Wall Street Day

45 Days to Baby Day! (33 Weeks and Four Days Pregnant)

17 Work Days Left for Dominica; House closing in 0 – 18 days.

Obviously we are not closing on the new house today, but we are into the “we can close any day now” time frame.  The current scheduling attempt is for October 17th, just ten days away, with our fallback days being the two days prior.  So our most likely closing window is in 8-10 days, but you never know.  We have to be ready to go at any moment.

Dominica went into work this morning thinking that she had a doctor’s appointment in Peekskill tomorrow.  Her boss reminded her that she had requested today off for the doctor’s appointment.  Oops.  Good thing he is on the ball.  So Dominica is leaving  around one thirty to drive up to Peekskill to see her doctor.  She should be back to New Jersey in plenty of time to get Oreo from daycare.  We hope.

Today is the 1.5 months mark until baby time!

The weather is good today for a walk to the office.  I’ve been listening to “Getting Stoned with Savages” a lot this week and will probably finish the book this evening.  Just taking Oreo for a walk will probably be enough to complete the book as long as the battery on my iPod does not give out.

For lunch today Ronak, Shreyash and I went to midtown to get dosas.  You can never have too much dosa.

I found out this afternoon that Monday is Columbus Day and a holiday for us.  London has to work on Monday, though, and Canada can’t cover for us because it is Canadian Thanksgiving.  So I volunteered to cover for the team on Monday (have to actually go into the office) but will then be able to take off whatever day ends up being the house closing day so that we can actually spend the day moving and stuff (fingers crossed.)

I was at the office pretty late this evening.  It was around eight when I finally left.  Shreyash and I went out for cheese subs on the walk to the PATH station.

It was around nine thirty when I got back to the apartment.  Dominica was watching Jericho to which she is addicted.  She ended up being hooked and didn’t get to bed until far too late.

She had a really rough day today.  First she forgot about her doctor’s appointment and so didn’t have the GPS with her and had to run to Peekskill without it which wasn’t too bad but did make it a bit more difficult getting around town.  I would have little idea of how to find the clinic without the GPS.

She had all kinds of problems once she reached the clinic.  The people there are really incompetent and it took her almost an hour and a half from the time that her appointment was scheduled until she finally got to see someone.  And to cover up the fact that she had been waiting for forever the staff put down on her paperwork that she had only been waiting for seventeen minutes.  So her midwife had to look into what was going on with that and why people were falsifying the records to cover up for ignoring patients.

Overall, though, she was very happy with her midwife and is hopeful that her contact with the clinic itself will be as minimal as possible.

Dominica has insomnia tonight and is unable to get to bed, which ended up keeping me up an hour or two longer than I wanted to be up since I have to be up at five thirty in the morning so that I can go out to Warren tomorrow.

The stock market really took a beating today – another five hundred point drop.  This is getting really rough.  Now people are visibly getting concerned.

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