November 14, 2008: The Final Week

7 Days to Baby Day! (39 Weeks Pregnant)

The baby is due one week from today on Friday, November 21st.  Dominica is definitely starting to get quite uncomfortable and would like the baby to decide to arrive a little on the early side.

I got up just before six this morning but had to shave my head which takes a bit of time so I targeted the 7:37 train.  Dominica drove me down to the station.  It is very warm today.  No need even for a t-shirt under my dress shirt.  Very humid and not much breeze. It is supposed to be around sixty degrees in Peekskill today.

On the train ride in this morning I managed to just exactly read, cover to cover, “Bill Bryson’s African Diary“.

I checked at lunch today and I still have no input about the state of my grade from my last course.  I am still completely in the dark.  Argh.  One gets nervous after putting in so much work and not knowing how it is going to come out.

Katie managed to join Dan and I swimming down on Whitehall today.  This is her first time going to the health club.  She was pretty impressed.

My evening tonight was not nearly as busy as it often is and I managed to get all of my deployments done fairly early and left as soon as I knew that there was no one with deployment surprises left for me and I headed for the train.

I took the 6:43 out of Grand Central Terminal.  While on my trip home I read “The Day of the Barbarians” after having finished my other book this morning.  Dad, Oreo and Dominica picked me up from the train station at 7:40 and we drove right over to the New City Diner to get dinner.

Today I topped 1,000 Tweets on Twitter.

After dinner we came back to the house.  We were all pretty tired.  Dad and Dominica finished watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares which they had been watching.  Then I played an hour or so of Fable 2 on the XBOX 360.  I am starting to get the hang of the game and am really enjoying it.  I am far enough in now that I am starting to get into the story.  I am hoping to start investing in real estate soon within the game.  That sounds like a really neat feature.

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