November 18, 2008: Big Swimming Day

3 Days to Baby Day! (39 Weeks and Four Days Pregnant)

On the ride home on the train last night I finished reading “Day of the Barbarians”.  This train riding is really giving me a chance to read a lot more than I was reading before.  That is my third book since Friday morning!

We grabbed dinner at Burger King on the way home from the train station.  There was still no power when dad and Dominica left to come to get me so there was no chance of cooking at home.  Once we got back, a little after eight, the lights were back on.  That was very good as Oreo is just about out of food and we needed to cook for him tonight.

Dominica taught me how to make Oreo’s special chicken stew (mostly chicken, sweet potatoes, celery, rosemary, garlic, carrots, peas, zucchini, barley, oatmeal and kelp.  The chicken is high grade skinless, boneless, of course.)  That took about half an hour.  I will be making his stew soon since Dominica will be busy with the baby.

My evening was very short.  I read a few chapters in “Agile Web Development with Rails” and then headed off to bed at twenty after ten.  Not much of an evening.

I woke up, on my own, at five thirty this morning.  Not too bad.  Twelve minutes ahead of the alarm.  That put me in good shape to grab the earlier train which I have been trying to grab for a week now.  I even managed to log into the office, get caught up with my mail and make sure that no one needed me before heading out.  Five thirty is, apparently, a good time to get up if I can do it.  Considering that I often don’t get home until between eight thirty and ten thirty it means that there is no way for me to even approach eight hours of sleep let alone get sleep and eat and do anything else whatsoever.

I managed to make the 6:42 train, which is harder to catch because the road closers earlier as there is an Amtrak train that comes through just before the Metro North line, and was at my desk in the office at a quarter after eight.  On the walk down Wall Street there was snow.  This is the first falling snow that I have seen this season.

Dad and Dominica made a run out to get wall-anchor parts today so that the basement bookshelves can be anchored to the wall so that we can begin to put books on them.  The books have to be up off of the floor tonight so that tomorrow, just after lunch, the new furniture can be delivered.  We have the new dresser for our bedroom coming as well as the multiplex theatre seating for the basement set to be delivered.

I forgot to mention that yesterday a new washer was delivered to our house.  We didn’t order it, of course, so it was a bit of a surprise.  Luckily Dad and Dominica were both home and were able to explain that it definitely was not supposed to be for us.  It turned out that it was for the people who owned the house before us.  We are guessing that they ordered it for their new house but somehow gave them our address.

This morning was pretty slow at the office.  It would figure that on a day when I managed to get in nice and early that no one was waiting for me at all.

Talked to Josh around lunch today, he said that he had six inches of snow this morning.  Ick.

No Dan today so I had to go to the gym by myself.  I managed to do 1,450 yard before Katie arrived and did 2,250 total by the end of my workout.  That was a really good workout for me.  Then we went to Flavors to get soup and salad.  Very healthy day for Scott.

The afternoon was not all that busy either.  I decided to not stay late today and managed to catch the 6:15 train out of Grand Central Terminal.  On the ride home I finished reading “The Business Analyst as Strategist” which I had started this morning.  Boy am I ever reading quickly.  When I was thinking about the impact of commuting by train like this it never occurred to me just how little time I normally actually had allotted to reading regular paper books and how much additional time I would now have.  I’ve read four books in the last five days!  Tomorrow I am taking along a fiction book which I have been reading slowly for some time.  I should be able to polish it off in no time.

Dominica made meatball subs tonight.  Boy are they good.  I am so glad that she figured out this new recipe.  It is delicious and not too complicated for her to make.  I figured out to get some BBQ potato chips to crush up and put into the sandwich.  It tastes just like a sandwich from Hot Truck in Ithaca.  I added a little mayo although we have no hot sauce in the house right now.  Pretty much, though, it tastes just like an MBC with Kate sauce from Hot Truck.  Awesome.  One of the few pre-vegetarian foods that I really missed and this tastes just as good as the original.  Can you believe that I haven’t eaten at hot truck in over seven years?

The evening was very short.  I helped dad a tiny bit as he worked on setting up the bookshelves in the basement.  He managed to repair our glass-doored bookshelf that had become unsettled during shipping from Newark and has all three of our basement shelving units in place and ready to be bolted to the wall tomorrow for safety.  The black, Ikea shelves look awesome in the basement and we are thinking that we will get three more exactly the same (two large shelving units and one, small corner unit that is half the width) to put behind Dominica’s desk so that they match.  We will probably expand the bookshelves by one more unit behind my desk as there are so many books to put on there that we have no idea where they will all go.  There is the low, teak bookshelf that will go upstairs as well for cookbooks.  That is the bookshelf on which Mr. Humphries, our little hamster, lived on several years ago in Geneseo.

My main job tonight was to move all of the stacks of books that were in the basement from the big, open area to the limited space behind the desks.  The books were in the way of where the furniture will be going tomorrow afternoon.  That will be exciting to come home to tomorrow night.

I managed to head to bed at eleven.  Not as early as I would like but if I go to bed much earlier I might as well not even bother to come home.  My evenings are extremely short.  I will be on Wall Street tomorrow.

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