November 2, 2008: Unpacking

19 Days to Baby Day! (37 Weeks and 2 Day Pregnant)

The time changed this morning which was great.  It was well after the new nine when we got up this morning.  Both of us were still really tired.  I have a feeling that that isn’t going to change for a very, very long time.

I started the day playing some Oblivion which I am liking more and more as I get used to it.  It is a really neat game.  I hope that I manage to keep playing it for a while.  Somehow I doubt that I will have much time for it.  Right now I am still at the very beginning of the game and have just set foot through the first Oblivion Gate.

Dominica did a wonderful job getting the kitchen organized today.  There are just two food boxes left.  I got the basement office set up.  Not completely but enough to get us back to basic functionality.  We are back on wireless, Dominica’s laptop is up and running and the telephone is on again so we are able to make and receive telephone calls.  With the wireless up and running the PS3 is now online and updated as well.

Dominica played her new game, Folklore, on the PS3 today.  This is the very first that she has used the system herself at all.  She likes the game, which is good because it is the only one that she has.  I might even try playing it at some point.  She will have a lot more time to play the PS3 soon once she is home all of the time.

We downloaded the playable demo of Eternal Sonata for the PS3.  Wow are those some amazing graphics.  I don’t like the fact that the game is a “linear path” that you take to walk through the game but I really like the graphics, score (it is all Frederick Chopin), battle system and overall feel of the game.  I definitely want to play it.  I would much prefer if it had the open feel of Dragon Quest VIII rather than the “press a button to advance the dialogue” feel like Final Fantasy VII.

I had a pretty busy day working out of the basement.  I had several small items come up at the office that needed my attention and, as it is Sunday, I had to spend a lot of time working on stuff for my class at RIT.  There is no way to avoid that on Sundays.  This is the last Sunday of my class.  The class ends on Friday at midnight.  My final is due then so I am going to be very, very busy this week working to get that completed.

Dominica watched several episodes of Bones on DVD while I worked.  She may even have finished the disc.  Once she is done with that then Netflix can begin to send up BluRays.  Sweet.

I got PlayOn hooked up and working from Dominica’s laptop to the PS3.  It was really easy to set up and it started working right away.  We did experience some problems with it involving playback continuity but I am thinking that those problems are very likely related to the way in which we are using the system with the wireless.  Once we have all of the computers switched over to wired, Gigabit Ethernet and have the PlayOn doing its local caching off of faster, desktop speed hard drive(s) then it will, I am guessing, work flawlessly.  The playback was choppy (leading me to believe that the issue was our network and not our Internet connection) the actual image and sound quality were amazing.

We watched two episodes of The Family Guy and they looked just as good or better than regular television.  That was through Hulu.  We don’t have Netflix working yet but will soon.  Hulu is the only thing working thus far but it sure is enough to make the software well worth it.  Very cool.  Mostly we will be watching Netflix as we pay to have our content be commercial free.  But when things are Hulu only that’s fine too.  The commercials are minimal.

This evening, when I took Oreo out for his late night walk, we had a surprise run in with a skunk.  I was holding Oreo’s leash in one hand and his full poop bag in the other and fumbling with the gate to the trash area up the hill from our house.  When the gate opened he was right there, just a few feet from us.  He was pretty surprised to see us as well but was trapped inside the gated area with nowhere to run to get away from us.  He immediately turned to spray us but luckily Oreo came with me as I backed away and we were able to get out of his threatened zone and he cautiously snuck out and ran down to the pond to get away from us.  Boy was that close.  Closest that I have ever been to a skunk that I could see like that.  I was sure that we were done for.

Katie said that she found gas in southern New Jersey today for $2.01!  That is amazing.  We are going to be seeing gas below the $2 mark this week almost for sure.  Who would have thought?

Dominica went to bed at nine thirty.  She has to be up extremely early tomorrow because her office has a really busy day planned and she is supposed to be in very early to help out.  Yes, she is going to work tomorrow and, we expect, Tuesday.  To help her out tomorrow I am staying home with Oreo so that she does not have to drive Oreo to daycare which takes at least another half an hour.  She also does not need to drop me at the train station which takes easily five to ten minutes.

So I am home tomorrow working a normal day.  My swim schedule for the week is going to be all messed up again.  At least I will still be in the city most of the week to get to the pool.  Just not on my usual days.  My life does not allow for schedules at the best of times.  I suppose that that makes me more able to adapt to changing schedules since that is just the norm for me.  I do not rely upon set schedules throughout my life.

My goal for tomorrow is to get as much of my final done as possible (I got my feedback tonight for the portion that I have done so far and I was told that I am on the right track, about which I was quite concerned, so tomorrow I can really hit it.)  Then, as time allows, to get the basement office assembled as much as possible.  The hardest part is figuring out how to deal with some of the temporary cabling issues and finding parts that are packed away never to be seen again like Dominica’s laptop’s basestation which would be very handy right about now.

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