November 22, 2008: No Baby Yet

40 Weeks and One Day Pregnant

As of this morning we are officially past the due date.  Dominica is definitely ready for this baby to arrive.  She had a really good pregnancy without ever getting sick and not being very uncomfortable but now she is rather uncomfortable and ready for it to be over.

I worked from a quarter till eight until nine thirty.  Not what I really wanted to do after a really long day of work yesterday.  As soon as I was done with work for the office Dad and I had to run to Enterprise in Cortlandt Manor to pick up the cargo van that Dominica had reserved yesterday.

We got to Enterprise right at ten.  We did the paperwork but the van had been dropped off at a different location and so someone had to drive us a few towns over to get it.  The other location was almost ten miles away, which takes much longer in Westchester than you would think that it would, so we had about twenty or thirty minutes of drive time to go pick up the van.  At least the other location was only barely farther away from the Toys ‘R’ Us than was the first one so it didn’t cost us anything but the extra drive time.

We picked up the crib and headed back to the house, dropped off the crib and ran back to Enterprise to drop off the van.  After tax and insurance (we needed extra as it was a commercial van) the van was still cheaper than having the furniture delivered.  The gas in the van was actually free since the distance was too short to measure from the fuel gauge.

On the way home we picked up lunch from Burger King and brought it home for Dominica (meatless Whoppers.)  By the time that we were done eating it was already one in the afternoon.

This afternoon I needed to take a Microsoft training class, “Implementing, Managing and Deploying Applications in Windows Server 2003”, so I buckled down and went through that while no one from the office needed me for anything else.  That took about an hour or so.

It was a really busy day for all of us.  Dad assembled the crib up in the nursery.  It is very large but it looks great in there.  It completely matched the table that has been put there as the changing table that used to be our hall table when we lived at Eleven80.  Now that we have that assembled we are pretty sure that we are actually ready for the baby to arrive.  Our “big task” for tomorrow is to attempt to figure out how to put the child seat into the car.  We can’t bring the baby home until we have the car seat in place.

Once we were all exhausted and couldn’t keep working anymore I put a log in the fireplace (we use the fake logs that burn clean) and we relaxed in the living room for about an hour.  Then dad and I made dinner, just simple stuff that we had in the kitchen like a frozen pot pie for him and Annie’s P’shetti and vegetarian meatballs for Dominica and I, and put on several episodes of Mary Tyler Moore before going to bed before ten.

Tomorrow we have nothing scheduled so, most likely, we will just be staying home and relaxing.

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