November 6, 2008: Just Writing My Paper

15 Days to Baby Day! (37 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant)

After our incredibly long day yesterday, Dominica and I decided that I absolutely had to work from home today or else we would both be sick and dysfunctional.  I slept in until nine and then headed downstairs to the office.  Dominica slept in until almost eleven and then cooked breakfast of veggie sausage, eggs and toast.

I got to see the PS3 playing Netflix this morning via PlayOn running on Dominica’s laptop.  It really looks great.  It looks as good as a DVD for older television shows like “Good Neighbours” from the BBC and looks as good as high quality traditional broadcast television or better on newer, cinematic content.  It’s not quite DVD and certainly not BluRay by any stretch but for streaming over the Internet it is absolutely amazing.  I can’t believe how far we have come so quickly.

Today was a really long day.  A totally exhausting day.  I had to spend almost every second of the entire day couped up in the basement either working for the office or writing my final paper for process management at RIT.  I started at nine this morning and my only real break of any size at all came around seven o’clock this evening when Dominica made dinner and I went up to the living room to join her and Oreo while we ate.  I took the time to watch two episodes of Family Guy with her off of Hulu.  That was about a forty five minute break.  Then it was back to the basement to write more of my paper.

I made my 900th Twitter post tonight.

I have written 13,000 words (or 25 pages) in my final paper thus far and am far too tired with writing to be able to provide a good SGL post for today.  It is unlikely that I will have the ability to get back to serious posting until Monday.  Tomorrow I am going in to Wall Street and staying there until work and my paper are completed.  It is going to be a very, very long day.  I hope to be home by midnight but that seems rather unlikely.  The other option is to leave quite early but that seems to be less likely.

On Saturday morning, literally just a few hours after I have to turn in my paper tomorrow night, Dominica and I have to drive to Waverly, Pennsylvania at around five in the morning.  If you think that we are exhausted now just wait until then.  Dominica’s grandfather’s funeral is at ten in the morning out there.  We will be visiting with family, I expect, until we physically cannot stay awake anymore.  Then we are retiring to the local Best Western where we have a room for us and Oreo for the night.

We will visit with family a bit more on Sunday morning and will probably head back to Peekskill early Sunday afternoon.  At least my class will be over and Dominica will not need to go to work on Monday as she is done with work.

We discovered today that our mailbox key does not go into the mailbox and we have no way to retrieve our mail here in Peekskill.  Please, no one mail us anything until we get it fixed.  We are pretty sure that the mailbox is beyond capacity already because we know that a package was delivered yesterday that must take up the entire available space.  Dominica attempted a few times to call the management company today but they just had their phones go to the answering machine, even during their business hours, and did not respond today.  We don’t know if we even have the option of having a locksmith come out and fix it since it is a mailbox that is not owned by us.  We think that it is actually very unlikely that we have the legal right to have the mailbox drilled since it is a community mailbox and we have no means of proving that we own the one that we do (it does not have our address on it anywhere.)

We also discovered today that the neighbour’s gutter has fallen off and that water is pouring down beside the building and is ruining the foundation of our building and damaging the fence between our patios.  We tried to alert the complex management about that issue as well but, as above, they didn’t answer the phone or return any calls today.  They also have no contact information in the home owners manual that they gave to us when we signed the deed.  They do have a mailing address but, of course, they are whom we need to reach to get access to our mail.  Luckily Dominica rerouted our mail from Eleven80 to dad’s house and not to Peekskill so none of our bills are coming here except for the electric, Internet access and the homeowner’s association who will obviously not be getting a penny until they start returning our calls.

It is after twelve thirty at night and I just wanted to get a quick post out before heading off to bed. I have to be up in five hours so that I can catch the train.  I think that I have enough done on my paper that finishing tomorrow should not be a problem but you never know.  There is just so much to do and Fridays are so unpredictable at the office.  It might be slow or I might never get a moment to even look at my paper until after eight at night.

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  1. Scott, sorry to hear about Dominica’s Grandfather please pass along my condolences. Thanks for helping me out with that SymLink change tonight – was a hectic night! Greatly appreciated.

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