November 9, 2008: Visiting in Waverly

12 Days to Baby Day! (38 Weeks and Two Days Pregnant)

Today is the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death.  It’s good to be away from home and busy with family.  We were so busy today that I really couldn’t think about it at all.

Dominica, Oreo and I all slept in a lot this morning.  I got up just before nine which was at least ten hours of sleep and maybe a little more.  Dominica got up a little before ten.

I walked Oreo while she was getting ready to head to breakfast and while walking him I noticed that he was beginning to develop a limp.  He was starting to take his weight off of his rear right leg.  He isn’t wincing but he is not walking heavily upon it.  Our guess is that he pulled it during the night getting on to and off of the bed in the hotel room.  It is much higher and slipperier than he is used to having.

Dominica and I went to the very nice continental breakfast in the Black Diamond Dining Room at the hotel as it was included with our hotel room.  It was very impressive for a “free” included breakfast with full service, eggs and homefries brought to your table plus the usual continental buffet available as well.  It would have been $18 had we not been hotel guests.

After breakfast we drove back to the Birney’s arriving around ten thirty.  By the time that we arrived Oreo was limping pretty badly which, of course, garnered him a lot of sympathy.  He knows how to play the “poor little dog” card quite well.

Today was much more calm than yesterday.  The weather is a bit nicer so that kids were almost exclusively outside.  There were many fewer adults as well as some people were heading out last night and all morning people were heading out to drive or to catch flights out of town.

We had a really nice time just relaxing and visiting with everyone today.  It is so rare that we really get to spend any quality time with the family.

We stayed until five and then really needed to get onto the road to make sure that we would not have any problems getting back to Peekskill tonight.  We timed the drive carefully tonight and it actually takes just a few minutes under three hours to make the trek from Peekskill to Waverly.  Not a bad drive at all.  Much better than we had been expecting.  Google Maps estimates the trip at just over three hours but the Garmen GPS put us just a little under.

It was very nice to get home.  It is so much nicer returning to our own home rather than going to our apartment in Newark.  It is also much closer to most places that we would need to travel.  The house was very cold when we got home, as you can imagine, as the nursery had been wide open for two days.

It was just before eight when we got home and with nothing pressing this evening I decided to finally pop in Assassin’s Creed and to give it a try.  I played for an hour or two and got through all of the tutorial portions of the game.  Overall, I have to say, it isn’t as amazing as I had hoped that it would be.  On the 720p monitor I can really see where the PS3 is being pushed past its limits just trying to pump out that level of detail and the gameplay is extremely simplistic.  I had been hoping that the game itself would be a lot more deep.  We will see, though, as I am just getting started in the game.

We both went to bed pretty early. Oreo had to be carried upstairs because of his leg.  I will be in the office on Wall Street tomorrow.  Dominica will be home nursing the little dog back to health.

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