December 11, 2008: It was a dark and rainy… day

Liesl slept pretty well last night but Dominica and I did not.  We tried putting Liesl into her own bed/positioner thing that we then put between our pillows.  Being in the positioner made her toss and turn all night, though, and she kept making sounds that caused us to wake up all throughout the night.  So even though Liesl slept through the night pretty well, Dominica and I did not sleep much at all.  Apparently we need to work on “sleeping logistics” even more than Liesl does.

It’s another warmish but very rainy day here in Peekskill, New York.  My kind of weather.  Light rain that never stops.  Constant overcast.  Dark grey.  The kind of day that doesn’t hurt your eyes and provides nice, cool, even lighting lowering eye strain in every possible way.  The only downside is that it is so dark so quickly that by four in the afternoon it had might as well be midnight.

Dominica had a morning doctor’s appointment, just a checkup.  I had to drive her down since she still cannot drive herself.  That meant that today is my very first time completely alone with Liesl.  I am now dad and in charge and responsible for keeping my daughter alive and healthy.

Liesl and I stopped off at the Gulf station on Crompond to get gas.  It is full service there which is handy when you have an infant in the car.  Gas is down to $1.99 here which is extremely low for Westchester even if it is one of the highest prices in the country.

We got home and I raced around the house attempting to work and to keep Liesl happy as much as possible. I tried putting her in her car seat and having her on my desk next to me but she was very unhappy about that situation (this was her very first trip to the basement of her own house.)  So I moved her back to the living room and put her into her swing.  She always likes her swing.

Liesl was still very unhappy and it was escalating so I decided that she must need her bottle.  I started preparing her bottle.  I turned on the PS3 and PlayOn showing Knight Rider off of Hulu to provide some background noise for her while I was getting her bottle ready.  By the time that I got back to the living room with the bottle she had fallen asleep to the sound of the television and remained asleep until Dominica called for us to go back downtown and pick her up from the clinic.

Lunch was more prepared food from Stop and Shop that we picked up last night.  We tried their baked macaroni and cheese but it wasn’t very good.  We need to just make that at home if that is something that we want.  It isn’t hard to make.  Dominica didn’t even eat her portion and just threw it out.  I didn’t think it was that bad just rather bland.

My day was incredibly busy at the office.  This will probably continue for at least another week.  This is the busiest time of the year and it really is exhausting.

I took a break after the main part of the day was done and went up and had dinner with Dominica and we watched a little of The Dick Van Dyke Show before I headed back down to the office to get back to work.

What a long day.  I ended up working about sixteen hours.  A full double.  I was really exhausted by the end of the day.  It was well after midnight when I got a chance to wrap up and head off to bed.  After getting everything ready and feeding Liesl it was around one in the morning when Dominica and I finally went to bed.

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