December 23, 2008: Liesl’s First Trip

I slept in as late as I could, until just after nine in the morning.  Then it was down to the basement to start work.  Obviously today was a very slow day requiring very little attention from me.  Our goal today was to get everything ready so that we can leave early to travel up to Frankfort this evening.  There is an ice storm expected late this evening and we are hoping to not get caught in it during out drive.

Dominica spent the day taking care of Liesl and getting stuff packed and ready to head out to the car.  I spent a lot of the day working on putting together the first episode of LieslTV that we need to have ready for Christmas morning.  That took a few hours.

I also put in quite a bit of time attempting to load up the iPod with tons of Christmas music to have ready for our drive up to Frankfort.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that we had the Mazda and that it does not have an attachment for the iPod so we were not able to listen to the Christmas music anyway.

We were also waiting for the very last known shipment coming to our house.  Our GPS replacement power adapter for the car was coming from Amazon and due to arrive today.  We didn’t want to leave it outside for a week just asking to blow away in the wind and it would be nice to have it with us so that we will have the GPS for the trip.  We have not driven from Peekskill to Frankfort before and we want to have the GPS to help on on the journey so that we can find the fastest possible route.

Between waiting for the delivery, getting the car ready, prepping the video and iPod it was just after six when we finally managed to leave Peekskill even though I had gotten approval from work to leave around three.  At least I was able to work until five thirty and no one needed to cover for me.

The GPS worked great and showed us a route that we would never have guessed existed that made the drive just three hours from our home to Dominica’s parents’ house.  The drive was pretty uneventful.  We stopped about forty-five minutes away from Peekskill at a McDonald’s just outside Newburgh, New York for a quick dinner.  We wanted to keep moving as quickly as possible so Dominica ran in to grab the food and I stayed in the car with Liesl and Oreo.

We had to make one pitstop about halfway to Frankfort at a Thruway reststop so that we could feed and change Liesl.  That took a bit of time but went pretty well.  Liesl was the hit of the reststop ladies’ room where Dominica took her to change her.  She is a very popular baby.

It was a quarter after ten when we finally arrived in Frankfort.  White Christmas was playing on the television.  We missed the first hour of it but with all of the commercial breaks it really wasn’t all that much of the movie.

We stayed up and visited until well after midnight.  Then it was off to sleep to get ready for tomorrow.  Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I slept in the small, upstairs bedroom instead of in the dining room on the futon like we used to do.  Now that we have Liesl we have to have a room to ourselves.

Liesl’s first trip went pretty well.  She did not seem to mind traveling in the car at all.  She made it for a really long time between complaining as long as the car remained in motion.

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