December 26, 2008: Happy Boxing Day 2008

I really wanted to sleep in this morning.  Oreo has been extremely snuggly since we came to Frankfort and Dexter comes in to our bedroom early every morning to snuggle as well so I wake up with two snuggly Boston terriers and it is very difficult to get out of bed.  We are sleepingin Dominica’s old room, the small middle bedroom upstairs which has two twin beds in it.  So Dominica sleeps on the firm bed for her back on one side of the room, Liesl sleeps in the swing in the middle of the room and Oreo and I sleep in the bed on the other side of the room.

I couldn’t sleep in this morning, though, because I forgot to shut off the alarm on my BlackBerry and I could hear it go off downstairs in the dining room.  So I got up and headed down to shut it off and to sign in to the office.  I don’t have today officially off from work although it is probably the slowest day of the year.  So there is little to do today but I still need to be signed in and to watch things to make sure that everyone is okay.

Today was the after-Christmas relaxing day around the Tocco house.  Boxing Day is the day of downtime between Christmas and Dominica’s mother’s birthday (and the day when Liesl turns one month old.)

Much of the day was spent in the living room with people playing either Rock Band 2 on the PS3 or, after we got it all hooked up, Carnival Games on the new Nintendo Wii.

Most everyone went out shopping this afternoon for necessary after-Christmas supplies.  They got the component cable, a game that Dominica’s mom wanted for her birthday for the Wii and Joe found an amazing deal on really awesome and quite expensive Klipsch tower speaks for less than half of their normal price!  So he jumped at those and now has quite an extensive surround sound system set up in his room with all matching Klipsch as he already had matching Klipsch bookshelf units for the surrounds.

We did a bunch of Amazon ordering which we are clear to do now that I will be home by the time that anything can start arriving.  I got an order of books for educational purposes, we ordered a few Holiday-sale BluRay movies like The Forbidden Kingdom and Shinobi.  We also decided that it was time to go ahead and order our new receiver that we are going to get for our living room because the Onkyo TX-SR606 that we are getting has a built-in quad HDMI switch with 1080p upconverting that we will use to replace the HDMI switch that we are currently using.

The Toccos need an HDMI switch and they are rather expensive and we thought that it would be a waste to have us stop using one right as they needed to buy one so we just got the receiver earlier than we had planned to save money overall.  We are quite excited to have good sound in our living room.  Currently we only have the sound from the cheap television unit that we have and beyond not being very good sound it also cuts out fairly often when using the HDMI input and that is really annoying.  So that is being fixed too.

We also ordered a new wall-mount atomic clock from Honeywell that was about 70% off from Amazon today.  We desperately need more atomic clocks around our new house.  We never know what time it is.

I went to bed early tonight as I was really tired.  Liesl ended up being really, really wide awake late at night tonight and Dominica got stuck staying up with her until after two in the morning.  She is going to be really exhausted tomorrow.

Emily was unaware that I write SheepGuardingLlama everyday so she is hanging out on the couch watching me write today’s update.  Now, years later, she will be able to go back and look at the site and figure out when she first learned about SGL because I am writing this update while she watches.  She is giggling because she is reading along as I type.

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