November 29, 2008: Work and Hospital

I had to be up before eight this morning as I am working today.  So I didn’t quite get a full night’s sleep although it wasn’t too bad.  I got a decent night at the very least.

I worked this morning from eight until eleven.  Then I got ready to go and headed on into the hospital to spend some time with Dominica and Liesl.  It was a pretty busy day of running errands and doing this and that.

I forgot to get lunch today when I went into the hospital.  So I visited with Dominica until around three thirty and then went down to the Beach Shopping Center and got lunch at Nonna’s, did some shopping at GameStop and then went to Stop and Shop for supplies.

After shopping I visited at the hospital again for a while.  I got back just as the Toccos were leaving to go to mass.

Then, around nine, I went back out to Stop and Shop and got more baby supplies that we had realized that we would need and got an African violet for Dominica.  I had been trying to find flowers for a while but have been so busy and missed a couple of places that closed early because of the holiday or weekend.

I stayed for another hour or so at the hospital and then went back home to get some sleep.  We are really hoping that Dominica and Liesl can come home from the hospital tomorrow.  Being at the hospital has been really rough because Liesl is stuck in the NICU which means that Dominica has not had any time to spend with her in a “normal” setting.  So we are going to be far less prepared on how to read her needs when we have her at home.

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