January 13, 2009: Knothole Island Releases

Today is the release day for the Knothole Island Downloadable Content (DLC) for Fable 2 on the XBOX 360.  This was supposed to have released around Christmas but was delayed so those of us who have been waiting for it have been on pins and needles waiting to be able to play it for ourselves.

Liesl turned over again today, twice in a row!  She still surprises herself when she does it and is not happy.  She always cries after flipping herself over.

Work was pretty busy this morning.  Then at lunch I took over the television in the living room and started playing Knothole Island!  I played all through my lunch and then got a chance here and there during the afternoon to play for a few minutes and then at the end of the day was able to wrap up the final quest.  One afternoon, two and a half hours of in-game time, and the Knothole Island quests are complete.  I still have on of the ten hidden books yet to find and I just need a little time to go out and look for it.

I enjoyed the new content but am disappointed in how short it is overall.  I wish that the area was a little larger, had more buildings, maybe had quests that kick in after playing for a while longer or only for the more advanced players or something.  All of the material in it is pretty simple and does not include very much storyline.  It seems like some more could have been done with it.  Perhaps there will be a future expansion that will add more to this region.  As it is it really does feel like an addendum to the rest of the game and does not integrate too cleanly with it.

After work was over, Dominica and I spent the evening taking care of Liesl and Oreo while watching the end of the first season of the Dick Van Dyke Show. What a classic show that is.  Liesl starts her fussy time around six thirty or so, around the time that I finish working, so we spend most of the evening trying to keep her happy.  I come up from the basement and we put on some family viewing (Dominica watches the shows that I don’t like to watch during the day while I work like Bones, Dead Like Me, etc. – mostly shows about dead people actually) and then she starts dinner which always seems to take two or three hours because either Liesl or Oreo needs attention almost continuously all evening so she can never spend more than ten minutes on anything in particular.

We had been hoping to be able to run to the store to get some paper storage bins (plastic bins designed to store organized paper) but never had a chance to do it.  So Dominica is thinking that she is going to make an attempt to go do that tomorrow around lunch time when Liesl takes her early nap.

We have our mail keys in our possession now.  We are now able to check our own mail again.  Now we just need to actually do it.

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