January 18, 2009: Nothing Day

After the long day of work yesterday today was a very much needed day of rest and relaxation.  I did not get the long, solid night of sleep for which I had been hoping because I was paged out at five in the morning but at least I was able to go back to bed after a little while and then proceeded to sleep in rather late.

Today Dominica and I really just did nothing, and it was great.  We relaxed, watched some shows on Hulu and just hung out.  I spent the day with the only computer that I was using being the laptop in the living room that we have sitting on the ottoman.  I didn’t do any real work all day.  I did do a little for the office but not a large amount.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I am “off” from work.  I will need to log in in the morning for a little while to put in my hours and to make sure that everything is okay but I won’t be working for most of the day.  Ramona is coming to visit in the afternoon.

Tuesday and Thursday of this week I am working the early shift at the office so I will be up very early which is going to be quite the shock to my system after having moved onto “Liesl Time” which means staying up late and getting up late.  Wednesday is my most likely day to drive out to Warren.  We will see how the weather is that morning.

Tuesday is inauguration day.

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