January 24, 2009: Jenn and Angelo Come to Visit

I was really not ready to get up this morning when the alarm rang at a quarter till seven, but I knew that the deployments this morning were high priority so I got down to the basement and got to work.  Oreo came down to the basement pretty quickly so that he could sleep on his pillow by my feet.

Dominica and Liesl got up much earlier than I would have expected.  They were awake around eight thirty.

My Saturday morning work went much longer than I had expected.  Normally it only takes an hour or two.  Today we started quite early and then went until after ten and did a little more work after noon.  After doing that work I still had my weekend maintenance work to do, but that is not nearly as time sensitive.  We do all of our security work on the weekends for safety reasons.  So pretty much every weekend involved applying security patches, bug fixes, etc. to system files.

I wrapped up just in time to help with some house cleaning, watch Liesl for a while and then to run down to the Beach Shopping Center to take care of some errands while Dominica took care of Liesl.  I had to run to the post office as we are not sure how to send out mail without going to the post office.  Unfortunately we also need stamps as we are out of them but we don’t know where we can buy any since the post office where we send mail is an unmanned post office box station without an automated stamp machine.

While I was at the shopping center I ran into GameStop real quickly and traded in Blazing Angels for the Wii and picked up Lost Odyssey for the XBOX 360 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for the PSP.  I also picked up two additional Wii controllers.  We had three before but one of them died completely on us and it needed to be replaced and we really need to have four controllers for when people want to use the Wii as a party system.  Now we are fully stocked.

I got back to the house and Jenn and Angelo had just arrived about five to ten minutes ahead of me so my timing wasn’t too bad.  They met Liesl, got the house tour and then after we hung out for a little bit we packed up the kids (Liesl and Oreo) and drove out to New City Diner to get some lunch.  Dominica and I haven’t been out to New City in several weeks.  We have been missing the menu.

After lunch we hung out at the house for a little while then Jenn and Angelo took off to go visit family in New Jersey.  Dominica spent the afternoon trying out her newish game, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None for the Wii.  I tried playing a little Final Fantasy III but didn’t have a chance to get anywhere before it was time to eat, feed Liesl, walk Oreo, feed Oreo, walk Oreo, feed Oreo, walk Or….  So I gave up trying to play and went down to work in the basement for another few hours to wrap up the work that I was not able to complete this morning.

I wrapped up work at ten thirty tonight.  I did get a chance to talk to Jorge Maldonado over FB IM tonight for an hour or so.  We just found each other on FaceBook about a week ago and this was our first chance to talk.  We went to middle school together at Pavilion Baptist School in 1988-1990.  We went to different high schools, I went to York and he went to Mt. Morris, and we didn’t see each other during our high school years.  It has been nineteen years since we have spoken!

I decided that tonight was a necessary “turn in early” night.  Just in case I get paged tonight I need to get to bed early.  I have gotten very little sleep this week and it is really wearing on me.

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